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Kitchener Rally Tomorrow

November 19, 2009 permalink

On short notice, Chris Carter has called a rally for Kitchener City Hall tomorrow at noon to counter the union call for more funding.

Chris Carter Please spread the word: There will be a Rally to expose the Waterloo CAS on Friday November 20, 2009 at the Kitchener City Hall beginning at noon. Participants are encouraged to bring CAS RMW correspondence, affidavits, etc...and be prepared to speak publicly (only if they are wish to) about their experiences re: CAS RMW fraud, malfeasance, manipulation, exploitation, incompetence, etc...

November 19, 2009

Source: Facebook private message

Addendum: Here are two reports on the rally, one from CKGL 570 AM Kitchener, the other from Chris Carter.



CAS rally for more money

570 News 2009-11-20 16:14

Kitchener - About 150 people gathered at Kitchener City Hall over the noon hour on Friday.

They are calling for more provincial cash so the Children's Aid Societies can balance their books.

Trudy Beaulne, Executive-Director of The Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo says funding cuts cause the greatest immediate concern.

Beaulne tells 570 News if the CAS is forced to cut back it will put more pressure on other agencies.

Family and Children's Services of Waterloo Region is dealing with an almost one million dollar deficit.

Source: CKGL news 570

Hi John and group.

There were only a few of us who were able to attend the Rally today.

CTV covered it. Their reporter is Frank Lynn.

There is already a short blurb from this afternoon on CTV's website about the Rally.

There were about 70 or so CAS workers-supporters there.

The CAS's union (CUPE?) had it pretty well organized.

They had about 3 or 4 speakers, a podium, and a sound system all set up.

The WRPS came over to talk to me as soon as they got there (two constables) and sought assurances that our protest would be peaceful.

The officers were reasonable and even seemed concerned and open to the issues we spoke of (damage done to children via CAS imposed malicious litigation against those children's parents-families, lying in affidavits, perjury, dirty tactics, etc...)

There were a number of people who just happened to be walking by who saw our "Children's Aid Destroys Families" (CADFs)signs who came up to us to tell us their CAS horror stories.

The CTV crew took some footage of us holding up our CADFs signs and Mr. Lynn interviewed on camera me very briefly.

I spoke about the abnormal litigiousness of the CAS RMW and I spoke about that 2003 MCYS "research project" which examined the CAS RMW litigiousness: "A Review of Legal Services of the Children's Aid Societies of the Central-West Region."

If you have the time and inclination there is mention of it of the CAS RMW website in their 2002/3 Annual Report.

Check CTV Kitchener if you get a chance.


Source: email from Chris Carter November 20, 2009