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Social Services Bomb

December 6, 2009 permalink

A teenaged boy, probably a foster child, took a bomb to his California social worker, where it was detonated by the bomb squad. The story as published does not make sense, so important facts must be missing.



Pipe bomb destroyed at Santa Cruz County facility

By Jennifer Squires - Santa Cruz Sentinel, Posted: 12/02/2009 05:43:03 PM PST, Updated: 12/02/2009 05:44:31 PM PST

SANTA CRUZ - A teenager was jailed Wednesday after he turned over a "homemade pipe bomb without the pipe" to his social worker because he had to catch a flight and couldn't take the explosive to the airport, sheriff's Sgt. Paul Tashiro said.

The explosive was left at the K Building of the county office complex on Emeline Avenue around 9:30 a.m. and, as a precaution, the Sheriff's Office Bomb Team was called out to destroy it.

Tashiro said there was no serious danger to anyone working in the building and no evacuations were ordered.

"It was very unexciting," Tashiro said.

The boy, a 16-year-old county resident, was arrested on suspicion of possessing an explosive device, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Source: Contra Costa Times