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Fewer CAS Workers

November 13, 2009 permalink

York Region has laid off 18 child protection workers in consequence of recent budget cuts. This CAS has been the subject of many complaints: Anne, Donna Lennon, the Easter Grinch [1] and [2], Ethier [1] and [2] (both pdf), Robb, Syl Apps (pdf), DS, trades, Maloney, Drugged, Vinczer [1] and [2] and an audio report (mp3).



York CAS laying off 18 workers

Joana Draghici Staff Reporter, 2009/11/11 20:45:50

The York Region Children's Aid Society is laying off 18 workers, including frontline supervisors, saying a provincial directive to cut its budget by 12.7 per cent left the agency no choice.

"This was a difficult decision and one which we hoped we would not have to make," said Denise Bilsland, president of York Region CAS in a statement on Wednesday. "As a society, we cannot afford this funding reduction in a community where one in eight children is at increased risk because they live in poverty," she said.

Those in frontline supervision positions, which directly oversee the protection of children, will be the most affected group in the job losses, she said.

York CAS, along with 36 other Ontario CAS offices, have filed a legal appeal to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services over the budget reduction directives.

Most of the laid-off York CAS employees will finish work Jan. 15, 2010.

Source: Toronto Star