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Mother Duped

December 14, 2009 permalink

A mother identified only as Wendy tells her story of being forced to give up her handicapped son to get him help, help that was never given. Since the boy is a crown ward, this is probably an Ontario case.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Submitted by Wendy

The following was left on the LK Submission Form.

I am desperate.

My son has been a ward of the Crown for 5 years now. He is worse than ever, never having received the "expensive care and treatment" they were supposed to provide him.

This was the only reason I agreed to allow him to be a Crown ward, it was not a choice forced on me but rather manipulated around me under the guise of helping my beloved son.

My story is long and and drawn out and would take pages, but begins with a troubled mom and son trying to get help to make life work for them, and ends with years of separation, broken CAS promises and us, my son and I, jumping through hoops to be together but never getting to stay together.

I have never been charged with any neglectful offense, I am married and have another child on the way, but I cannot seem to find a way to reason with them to let us be together.

I myself was beaten and horribly abused by my Mother, but was never taken away to safety, never rescued from her wrath. I managed to make it out on my own and see through the error of her ways and mine but not before making enough mistakes while dealing with my past that led to my son and I's separation.

The social workers have too many children to look after to do many of them any good. The policies aren't designed for every child they take into custody and for many other reasons, the child protection system we relied on is, has, and was always, failing.

I will never give up on my son, but how long before he gives up. He is 17 and now cutting himself. I am the only one he is not belligerent with and cusses at profusely. No matter how often he begs to have regular normal visits with his mother, they decline, with no answer as to why or even in some cases, lies.

I pray that this will be the last Christmas he spends with out the chance to be with me if he wants. I pray for all the grieving Parents out there who wanted what was best for their child and were convinced that Crown Wardship was the answer. I pray for all the children trapped away from their families for illegitimate reasons who are frightened and lonely and losing hope.

Let this horror end soon....


A Mother, waiting for her son. I Love You.

Posted by LK at 4:39 PM

Source: Legally Kidnapped