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Carter Defies Orders

November 12, 2009 permalink

Chris Carter has sent an email to three Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) staff; two officers and an executive secretary. In it he announces his intention to defy some previous orders from the police.

Dufferin VOCA is reporting this case, not advocating for or against Mr Carter. To make it clear that Mr Carter is not taking advice from us, here a quote from our page What to do in your own case:

When stuck with a court order from a judge, or a consent, follow the order scrupulously. At the next court hearing, tell the court that you followed every order, or the reason why that was impossible. Also point out the ways CAS did not comply with the order. Don't rely on your lawyer to do this work for you - prepare the story yourself in a form suitable for inclusion in an affidavit. There is an exception to the advice to comply. A boy in Virginia ran away from foster care and phoned his mother for help. She complied with a court order and refused to meet him, instead asking the foster home to get her boy. He has not been seen since. So calls from runaway children should be answered in defiance of the courts.

Mr Carter also intends to organize parents into a union. Unionization could be effective, it requires only someone with the right skills.



Wednesday November 11. 2009

Ms. Thompson, Chief Torigian and Ms. Allen

Chris Carter here.

There are four issues which I wish to officially register with you-the WRPS at this time:

1. on Tuesday November 10/09 I telephone contacted Inspector Bob Gould as per your direction Ms. Thompson only to be told by him that (contrary to what you had stated to me in an email Ms. Thompson) in fact he will not be involved in any way re: resolution of the issues re: the March 2009 WRPS letter banning me from the three Courthouses.

Why did you tell me that Inspector Gould would be a contact for me to resolve the  issues re: me being banned from the three Courthouses when in fact he wasn't Ms. Thompson?

2. today at the Kitchener Ont. location of the Superior Court as I was preparing to leave the Courthouse after yet another unsatisfactory appearance in front of another aggressive Justice, the male officer whose name I don't know but who has been interacting with me during the last two times I attended that Court stated to me:

"All roads are closed to you. Just get out of the Courthouse."

This officer doesn't have any true or real knowledge of us and especially re: the efforts my children and I have and continue to put forth to reunite as a family and yet he felt justified making this statement.

Consider this an official complaint re: that officer's comments and a stated expectation that I be provided with an official WRPS detailed explanation of what specifically the officer meant by his statement.

3. on Tuesday November 3, 2009 when I attempted to attend at the Kitchener Ont. Superior Court for a Court appearance with another parent (at that parent’s request) involving the CAS RMW in which I was going to ask the Court to be granted status as the material submitted into the proceedings by the CAS RMW made references to me, that same officer stated that "the Courthouse staff get squirrely when you come here."

Consider this an official complaint re: that officer's comment and a stated expectation that I be provided with an official WRPS detailed explanation of what specifically the officer meant by his statement.


4. for a number of months now I have been speaking with the WRPS officer who signed the March 2009 WRPS letter banning me from the three Courthouses, officer Pat Smola.

I've repeatedly informed officer Smola that the allegations made against me in that March 2009 letter are false and so therefore I'm being banned from the Courthouses unjustifiably and under false pretenses.

Officer Smola's response has been that the WRPS's legal department instructed him to sign the letter and he did so without investigating or even inquiring to the veracity of the allegations registered against me.

He has also stated that it was one of the first official duties he performed since assuming his current post.

I've repeatedly encouraged officer Smola to personally investigate the allegations and given him ideas re: how to so do (=talk to the Special Court Csts. and WRPS officers who were at the Cambridge Courthouse during the relevant period and/or read the WRPS Courthouse logbook and search for any references to any officer ever having asked me to relocate myself from the upstairs area as alleged in the letter).

Officer Smola told me that I had to contact the WRPS legal counsel Mr. Garry Melanson which I did.

Last week when I contacted Mr. Melanson he told me that I had to contact the Chief to discuss directly with the Chief the issues re: having the terms and banning from the Courthouses removed which I did.

Last week and this week I called and emailed you and other WRPS staff and, on Tuesday November 10, 2009 I attended a brief unscheduled meeting with the Chief's executive assistant Ms. Allen in order to effect a meeting with the Chief.

Ms. Allen scheduled the meeting for this morning, Wednesday November 11, 2009 at 8:00 am, only to notify me via email later in the day yesterday that the meeting was canceled.

Then there was the business with you Ms. Thompson telling me Inspector Gould would be a contact on behalf of the Chief when in fact he wasn't.

Consider this official notification from me, Chris Carter, on the following issue:

As of tomorrow, Thursday November 12, 2009 I will no longer be abiding by the terms and conditions re: my attendance at the three Courthouses as established by the WRPS in that March 2009.

Acknowledging that I must comport myself in a legal and acceptable manner, I will attend the three Courthouses when I please including and especially on the Children's Aid Society Regional Municipality of Waterloo docket days with the explicit (among others) intent of:

1. supporting the families involved in litigation against the CAS RMW and its ‘legal’ branch the Ontario Court of Justice.

2. sharing information with them, including information re: the Judicial fraud, malfeasance and incompetence being perpetrated against us by specific Judges of the two 'family' Courts.

3. organizing the families into a unionized resistance in order to better protect our children from the CAS RMW and its 'legal' branch the Ontario Court of Justice.

For your consideration re: all of the issues I'm including three CAS RMW affidavits registered by them into the Court proceedings against me which I've submitted to the internet website for posting for public viewing.

Here Mr Carter included copies of fixcas postings of March 15, March 27 and April 23

I will not resist arrest in any way and I will be respectful to the officers but as soon as possible after being arrested I will again attend the Courthouses over and over and over and over again until something is done remedially.


Chris Carter

Source: email from Chris Carter