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Manitoba Petition

December 14, 2009 permalink

Greyeyes reports that Manitoba legal aid lawyers deceive their clients by misinforming them of the meaning of their consents. He is soliciting petition signatures.



In the 10 months since the forming of what is now the Northend Action Group (NAG) Inc., it has been a long and uphill battle. We have made many friends along the way, many whom experienced the same complete and utter disregard for families displayed by CAS/CFS across the country. Thus achieved through their blatant and sometimes criminal court documents (family court summaries) in which exploits a family to the fullest biasing any proceeding!

Upon agreeing to any order put forward by CFS here in Manitoba lawyers from the Somerset Law Office (the Legal Aid of Family Court) are not telling their clients what these really mean!! I was shocked to find out afterward that by me agreeing to a "Consent Order" I was agreeing with the agency and the court that my children were in need of protection? I was disgusted my lawyer would have me agree to something when I had ordered him to fight and question with perseverance the allegations in the court summary, I had questioned! This was an outlandish slanderous attempt by CFS to kidnap my children through Canada's Legal System! I vow till the day I die I will not be denied justice for these monsters taking my children and trying their hardest to build a case against the Greyeyes family! THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!

This system in Manitoba called "Devolution" has been responsible for the deaths of more than 150 children since it's inception in 2003. The Devolution a Disaster/Dismantle the Authorities of Manitoba campaign launched by the Northend Action Group Inc, and the petition is available here at: thepetitionsite.

A the moment it only has 11 signatures and the awareness campaign that started on November 30 has resulted in 1,700 signatures with a goal of 10,000. We have had to resort to these drastic measures due to the response received by the Authority namely the non-response by the Southern Authority and the ignorant response received from the Metis Authority whose families had come forward with complaints! Out of the 30+ families we've been trying to help or have had helped, we know of 2 reunifications with infants and their parents within 3 months (NAG's goal), but the many of complaints some of toddlers with black eyes,  and extreme neglect of 2 young girls in the form of bleeding yeast infections, we have yet to receive anything back.

I have just submitted a 4 page report to the Manitoba Ombudsman outlining some of the concerns. I just want to tell all the people that National Class Acton is coming soon. Gaskin's case vs Jack King is in the Supreme Court judges hands! We expect a ruling in a few weeks of what will be the first successful case against CFS that will be precedent setting! It will open the waves for child welfare reform across the country!! We want National Aboriginal Child Welfare Legislation!!! The Provinces have failed miserably and it's time the Feds took the bull by the horns!!

Jules Greyeyes - Chair/Family Support Worker (25 years direct experience with CFS)
c/o the Northend Action Group (NAG) Inc.
email nag at

Source: email from Jules Greyeyes