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Crime Wave

November 30, 2009 permalink

Did you ever wave to a strange child? You could be getting the third degree. In Pictou Nova Scotia Gerald and Patsy McCara were detained by police for two hours of questioning after a friendly wave to a boy on a bicycle.



Cops grill elderly couple for waving at boy

Pair accused of attempted abduction, questioned for almost two hours

By The Canadian Press, Thu. Nov 26 - 4:46 AM

PICTOU — An elderly Nova Scotia couple says they were accused of attempted child abduction earlier this month after they waved at a child.

Gerald and Patsy McCara of Waterside said they were detained by the RCMP for almost two hours following the incident about two weeks ago in Pictou.

Patsy McCara said it all began when they went to buy groceries and spotted a little boy on a bike outside a Sobeys store.

She said her husband waved at the child as they drove past.

"We parked and both got out of our truck. My husband went into the tobacco shop and I went into Sobeys and picked up several articles," she said in an interview.

When she returned to their truck, an RCMP cruiser was parked immediately behind the vehicle and her husband was seated inside.

A stunned Patsy said she was told to sit in the truck and wait. A few minutes later, she said, four other RCMP cars had surrounded the vehicle.

"It was embarrassing," she said.

"We were right in front of Sobeys and people were coming and going, looking at us like we’d done something really drastic. And all he’d done was wave at a child."

They were taken by RCMP to the Pictou detachment, locked in separate interrogation rooms and questioned extensively.

RCMP Sgt. Phil Oliver said the investigation stemmed from a complaint of an attempted abduction.

"Police went to the scene, where the alleged abductor was present, as well as the person who made the complaint," he said.

Oliver said they had "probable cause" for the arrest but in the end no charges were laid.

"It was one person’s word against another," he said. "We were satisfied no abduction took place. It was a pretty ordinary and by-the-book investigation, as far as I was concerned."

Patsy McCara said they won’t let the experience keep them down.

"We’ll continue to wave as we go in to get our package of tea and our Aspirin," she said.

Source: Halifax Chronicle Herald

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