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Hannah Gets Baby Back

December 9, 2009 permalink

The mother with pseudonym Hannah has her baby back. All of the reports enclosed are by the same reliable and anonymous reporter who told the story in October, except for one questioner.



Dateline December 7, 2009 for all items

Update: Today a judge ordered the child home and stated that they had no case for keeping the child in care. Basically the gist of it was the worker felt like she was kept in the dark and had stated to the woman several times that she could have her child back once the worker felt that she could trust the woman. I of course told the woman to record this stuff which she did... and that helped in getting her child back. What a world we live in when we must make these people feel good about themselves in order to raise our own children.. just sick.

Anyways.. at least the child is going home!

Questioner: So can you explain how the audio recording was utilized in this case? Did she present the audio in court, or just mention that she had it? How did the audio help and how did this person get to present the audio so others can learn.

It was mentioned she had the audio in an affidavit (as well as what was said by the worker) and that was it. There was no request made to actually listen to the audio by the court. Of course it is just an assumption that the audio helped however, had the woman not presented her case (since we know most lawyers tell you to save evidence and/or information for trial) it can be assumed she may still be before the court fighting for her child.

Source: anonymous reporter