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Getting Away With Murder

November 8, 2009 permalink

Gage Dakota Guimond, born July 21, 2005, died on July 22, 2007 in the care of his foster mom and great aunt Shirley Caroline Guimond. Last Wednesday Shirley Guimond pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and was sentenced to time served (eight months) and released. A press release below expresses the disappointment of mother Natasha Guimond. The real killers who arranged for the fatal placement are not amerced or even identified.

Even more vital that tracking down the killers is eliminating the funding for future killers. Less money for child protection is just about the only way.



November 7, 2009 6:56 pm.

NAG Inc Media Release - Shirley Guimond

Natasha Guimond Vice-Chair of Northend Action Group (NAG) is heartbroken over the manslaughter charges being stayed against her son’s alleged killer Shirley Guimond, in court this week due to a lack of evidence for a manslaughter charge. Gage Guimond was killed on July 21, 2007 after he had been placed by Sagkeeng Child and Family Services into Shirley’s care, where he died six weeks later from severe head trauma. Shirley had been charged with Gage’s death in April 2007 and has been out on bail since December 2007. NAG believes it was also due to the neglect of Sagkeeng CFS who failed to properly investigate Shirley’s history. Now it seems more like a total systematic failure in baby Gage’s case, not only was he not kept safe while under the care of our child welfare system, now there is no justice for his death.

In this case besides Gage, Natasha herself has been a victim 2 times over! No help at all by CFS and since the death again being failed by the criminal justice system!! No attempt by the Crown to contact and notify Natasha of the outcome! We have established the NAG and have developed a 2 year case plan with her, at the end of that time we will be applying for custody of Evening Star. It seems case workers under the Southern Authority spend more time building cases against families as opposed to building families! CFS should have spent more time in court helping the case, as opposed to not at all helping Natasha. We (NAG Inc.)have been a stronger support than the people who have so mercilously took Gage and proceeded to put that child at risk, ultimately resulting in his death! Sad part was, this is an isolated incident, where a family member was involved! Common denominator; no reprimands or criminal charges against CFS; No transparency or accountability; No communication! What happened?

Jules Greyeyes - Chair
Northend Action Group (NAG) Inc.
Mailing Address:
689 Magnus Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 2E1
Phone: 204-229-0002 24 hours

Source: email from Jules Greyeyes