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CAS Loses Girl

November 14, 2009 permalink

The following plea appeared on a public part of Facebook:

Kitty Dupuis

Kitty Dupuis Kitty Dupuis November 14 at 10:05pm

I lost my girls to CAS and I did nothing wrong, but stayed with their father. I have been single for over two years now. I don't do drugs, I drink once in a blue moon and I work hard. I see no reason why they are not allowed to be with me. I make too much money for legal aid and not enough money for a lawyer. And as of yesterday my oldest daughter went missing after school and we still have not located her. CAS says that they can do a better job at raising her. And now she is smoking doing drugs and I can't imagine what else and they can't even keep and eye on her. O she would be there and not out on the streets, if not worse. She is just 14 years old and I have done nothing wrong. They want to live with me .

PLEASE GOD help me

Source: Facebook