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Children's Minister Relents

December 11, 2009 permalink

Laurel Broten, Minister of Children and Youth Services, has backed down on funding cuts and provided supplemental funds to three northern Ontario children's aid societies. The pretext, as always, is helping the children, this time the crown wards being nourished by these children's aid societies.

Child protectors know that the best guarantee of future funding is removing children from mom and dad. Once they are in state care, legislators are faced with just two choices, provide funding or let the children starve. They always provide the money in the end. Northern children's aid societies have conducted another successful stick-up of the taxpayers, while condemning another generation of children to isolation from their parents.



Minister offers lifeline to children of the Far North

Posted By By Mike Aiken, December 10, 2009

Children and Youth Minister Laurel Broten said she has provided $4.1 million to help children in the Far North in response to their unique circumstances.

In a brief interview Wednesday, the minister said $2 million would be used for Payukotayno James and Hudson Bay Family Services in Moose Factory, along with $2.1 million for Tikinagan Child and Family Services in Sioux Lookout.

She also offered her immediate support to the community of Pikangikum, where she described the situation as "all hands on deck."

Broten also promised to visit the troubled community next month, along with Aboriginal Affairs Minister Brad Duguid, so they could get a better handle on the "root causes" of the situation.

Still, there are funding problems facing the remaining 51 children's aid societies across the province, including services in the Kenora region. The minister said she would continue to push for local and regional staff to work with community agencies so they could find efficiencies.

Source: Kenora Miner and News