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Hope for Baynes

November 29, 2009 permalink

Paul and Zabeth Bayne have lost three children to British Columbia MCFD, and hired a lawyer who billed them into poverty and dropped the case, sadly a pattern seen several times before. They now have a dedicated team of medical experts and a lawyer who are determined to expose the ministry's shaken baby case as junk science. For previous coverage, refer to October 26.

An agreement made in mediation dated May 16, 2008 provided for the return of two children to Paul and Zabeth. This is the agreement broken on June 12, fast reneging even for social workers. And here is a letter from John Fitzsimmons, MCFD community manager, on provincial letterhead to MCFD legal counsel defining the province's (weak) case against the Baynes. Paragraph two contains the sentence:

This plan changed, as I indicated yesterday, due to concerns that the grandparents, were not effectively in control of the care of the children in their home.

The agreement cited above does not provide for control by the grandparents. Beyond the grandparent sham and junk science shaken baby allegation, the defense has evidence that two other paragraphs in the Fitzsimmons letter contain false allegations, but it is best to keep MCFD guessing which for now.

The MCFD case gets worse. Here is a memo on Glutaric Aciduria Type 3 passed around to caseworkers in emails dated February 2, 3 and 4, 2009 (it is best not to mention the worker's names). It shows that even the social workers on the case did not believe the shaken baby allegation.

The Baynes filed and affidavit with the help of Ray Ferris (pdf), a former social worker. The court dismissed his arguments without a hearing on May 21, 2009.

Social worker's names have been redacted from the documents, the names of the parents and children have already been published and so are left intact.

Source: Best not to say