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Rally Success

October 27, 2009 permalink

Mary Janiga reports on a successful Grape Expectations rally.



Monday, October 26, 2009

Grape Expectations 2009 Success

Grape Expectations Rally 2009

Grape Expectations it was a great success for the 5th year in a row!

Our signs were made and we waited for our van to arrive. A friend drove us so we had a van load with Mary, Ed, Ron, Rudolf and Richard. We arrived at Carmen’s Banquet Center at 6pm and there were already two car loads of people there. A mother and her three children that have attended our protests in the past was already out front talking and hanging out waiting for us. We handed out signs and we all knew each other from communicating online and in person. We started waving at the cars that were going in and we even got heckled by a few of the party goers going inside to eat the cheese and drink the wine.

The Security of Carmen’s Banquet Center brought two police officers to the side drive where we were rallying and protesting and to ensure the safety of the patrons of the Gala Event. We weren’t blocking traffic and a lot of people were honking their horns in support of us.

Around 6:30pm we were surprised when someone drove by in a witches costume and stopped her vehicle. Wanting to remain anonymous she brought coffee and her sign, a broomstick and her costume and joined us in the protest. In light of the fact that it is near Halloween it seemed fitting that she was dressed up. I was thankful and so were the others that she brought coffees for us and to keep us warm. Thank you for your support!!

The kids were having fun and we were all bundled up and it was getting cold. We were outside for about an hour or so as most of the patrons/guests had already arrived and were inside. We decided to leave.

There was a good crowd of about 12 people there. I took lots of pictures and a few videos so I figured I would post a sign or two here and then rest on my Face book page of the event tonight as well.

Thank you for your support in assisting us in our endeavors to make Children’s Aid Society accountable once again.

Stay tuned for next years 6th year Grape Expectations!!

We are here to protect children and families from the Children's Aid Society.

Thank you for your support!!

Posted by Advocate at 6:48 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog October 26, 2009