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Funds to Help Devon

October 24, 2009 permalink

Mary Janiga reports on the success of the fundraiser for Devon Sweeney in two enclosed postings. She also issued a reminder of the Grape Expectations rally on September 26.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Devon fundraiser success!!

Devon Sweeney

ALL Benefit for Devon 8pm to 11pm October 22, 2009

The weather turned and it started to rain. We left (Mary and Ed) home around 8pm and met up with some friends down town to head to the benefit at the Casbah Lounge at 306 King St West. We were going to support Graham and his family to support Devon and the chelation/alternative therapy.

The bands were still arriving and we came in and listened to some very interesting music and hung out and talked and laughed. Graham was taking care of the door entry so we stopped and talked to him for a little while before we sat down to listen to music.

I was happy when Linda from showed up to show her support for Devon and Graham. We talked with her for about a ½ hour and then she had to leave. She met our friends and we shared Children’s Aid Society experiences and future plans for events and rallies for both Child Assist Services and Protecting Canadian Children.

We waited for the bands and then the music got a little loud. We laughed at the music ( I missed my country and Western and blues tunes), and I think the genre of music was hard core punk rock electric guitar picking music.

We stuck it out for about an hour or so then we headed for Tim Horton’s for coffee then home. I took a few pictures but I have to finesse my skills at night vision picture taking. It was a good evening of fun and fellowship. There was a full house with a lot of regulars in the house and I would say the turn out when we were there was around 20-40 people.

I will let you know how successful the fundraiser event went after the event is over as Graham was still there when we left this evening at 10:15pm.

I am glad we were there to support Devon and there are more events planned for the future. Stay tuned for future fundraisers for his therapy. Thanks for the invite and I’m glad to have been a part of the evening.

Posted by Advocate at 8:23 PM

Friday, October 23, 2009

update on events

funds raised to date:

$400 for August 1, 2009 Garage sale

$400 for October 22, 2009 Benefit at the Casbah

$800 raised so far

$5 000 is needed for first round of alternative therapy

Just to let you know that the total fundraiser for Devon raised almost $400 for his alternative therapy. Only four thousand dollars to go!!

Thank you for your support!!

Posted by Advocate at 1:37 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog October 22-23, 2009