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Grape Expectations

October 26, 2009 permalink

Today, October 26, is the day of the Grape Expectations Rally. Mary Janiga has some final thoughts addressed to participants who dine in opulence amidst family poverty.



Sunday, October 25, 2009


As you raise your glasses and eat fancy cheese

You purchase items that are inconceivable to families living in poverty

These are clients of the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society,

You have to think twice when you read this.

A fundraiser event has been established for the Children’s Fund for Hamilton CAS.

Yes 7 years and growing, and yet there are more children in foster care every year.

Children are dying in foster care and people still drink wine and eat cheese.

Families are torn apart and children are dying,

Yet there is not a thought of this during this gala event.

Could you imagine living on $1.25 a day?

1 billion people in this world live on just that amount.

Could you imagine living on $1000 a month?

That is what a mother with one child gets on welfare.

Could you imagine how far one hundred dollars could go?

Could you imagine how far fifty million dollars could go?

With a budget like that for the Hamilton Children’s Aid,

This fundraiser just adds to the parody.

I am thinking about that single mother with her children.

I am thinking about that father without his children.

I am thinking about those parents that are still fighting to get their child back.

As you raise your glass and eat fancy cheese

You have to really reflect on what I just stated.

Just a thought through my eyes, I am just one voice in a thousand people.

As you drink the wine and eat the cheese and arrive in your black tie affair.

A child is being taken away, a mother is crying, and another family is torn apart.

Posted by Advocate at 10:46 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog October 25, 2009