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Intellectual Incest

September 24, 2009 permalink

The OACAS is asking for proposals for a conference titled Critical Connections (pdf, local copy), subtitled Where Woman Abuse And Child Safety Intersect. The conference is to take place in Toronto next March 9 and 10. In certified bureaucratic language the agenda is:

  • To highlight the effects of woman abuse on child safety and well being. Preference will be given to submissions highlighting effective and collaborative relationships.
  • To promote increased awareness and understanding of woman abuse and the impact on the safety and well being of children and families.
  • To build cross sector relationships and networks for those who work with abused women, children and their families to increase collaborative program responses.
  • To identify trends, new programs and research related to women and children living with family violence.
  • To provide an opportunity for Children’s Aid Societies and their Community Partners to showcase their collaborative programs.

Topics are limited to support for existing policies, and contrary material will not be heard. Not on the agenda:

  • How removing fathers harms mothers and children.
  • Elevated levels of child abuse in foster homes.
  • Why less than half of long-term foster children become well-functioning adults.

Addendum: Here is another example we found on the OACAS website:



The following image from the OACAS website invites readers to speak up for Ontario's children. Finally! An opportunity to tell CAS what needs to be done to stop the abuse of children in foster care. So what comes up when you click on the link? A webpage asking for your email address so they can keep you informed. For children's aid, listening means only you listen to them, never they listen to you.

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Source: OACAS