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Unsuccessful Escape from Canada

October 25, 2009 permalink

Two children, six-year-old Timothy Yuen and his five-year-old sister Jasmine have been condemned to a childhood in foster care following an unsuccessful escape attempt. According to another article parents Hung-Kwan Yuen and Ana Cheong planned to fly them to Hong Kong, which would have been a refuge safe from the children's aid society.



Parents to be charged after abducted children found in B.C.

October 25, 2009, Madeleine White

Two Toronto parents will be charged with child abduction after they were found with their children in B.C. early Sunday.

Timothy Yuen, 6, and his 5-year-old sister Jasmine went missing Saturday afternoon after they left their foster parents' home in Scarborough for a two-hour visit with their biological parents, Hung-Kwan Yuen and Ana Cheong.

"Children Services was looking into taking full custody from the parents," said Toronto police Det. Jim Giczi. "The parents up until now had visitations on certain days of the week, which were both supervised and an unsupervised visit on the Saturday, and that was apparently about to end."

RCMP officers found the couple, with the abducted children, in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond.

The children were unhurt and will be returned to their foster parents Monday.

Source: Toronto Star