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Family Harassed

October 31, 2009 permalink

Another Haldimand-Norfolk family known only as Wayne and Carolyn reports abuse at the hands of CAS. Police found marijuana growing at the home and investigated. Wayne showed them that he used marijuana legally to treat a medical condition. The police were satisfied, but on September 18, 2008 CAS show up to investigate further. Shortly after they seized the family's then four-year-old son and sent him to a foster home.

living room
Alleged dangerous living room

Since there was nothing really wrong with this family, CAS made things up, and, as is their custom, most of the allegations were things found after removing the child:

  • A section of drywall on the bathroom wall was open. (really renovations)
  • A “brown streak” on the stove. (icing from chocolate cake)
  • Brown stains in the toilet bowl. (hard-water deposits)
  • A hand saw hanging on the wall. (tools required for country living)
  • An axe outside of the home. (tool for chopping wood)
  • Carpet in boy’s room had a stain.
  • Toys scattered about the living room made it unsafe for the child. (necessary for child development)
  • Trees partially blocked the view of the house from the road. (So?)
  • A dog running on the property was not chained. (more country living)

Eventually Carolyn's mother became the boy's caretaker. The case was dismissed by the court on October 7, 2009. The full story is in a letter to premier McGuinty (pdf) posted by Canada Court Watch. Haldimand-Norfolk is getting a disproportionate number of horror stories, making a new CAS hot-spot.