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Lanark Meeting

September 26, 2009 permalink

A meeting has been called for next Tuesday in Perth Ontario by a group called Families Apart Lanark County.



FAILSAFE SEPT 29 7 PM 40 NORTH ST PERTH ONTARIO Brenda wrote September 25, 2009

CAS Prejudice in Lanark County
”Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely“

This would be a suitable expression to describe the conduct of CAS in Lanark county ( and surrounding areas ) We are both appalled and disturbed by the lack of accountability and invasive measures employed by this agency towards so many families in our community.

Its no surprise that “Foster parents” are being recruited through local newspaper advertising!! The removal of children from their families seems to have reached epidemic proportions!!

Through simple observation; We have concluded that the majority of victims of CAS interference are already marginalized by a form of social or economic stigma. This is suggestive of “ profiling “ by this agency,…These same families are judged by a system that is “beyond reproach” and “above judgement” for the actions and conduct of “so called” Child Protection Workers,…Personal bias and reliance on unsubstantiated allegations is an abuse of authority. Workers lack the credentials, training and insight to determine the existence of legitimate concerns!! Programs, Independent support groups or assessments by qualified professionals are neither suggested nor provided by CAS. In addition-their mandate seems to be invested in secrets and fear which on a basic level is the purest definition of abuse !!

Legal Representation in Child Protection matters is a non-entity as it is a foregone conclusion that these cases cannot be “won”. Little time is invested by Legal Aid Lawyers who invariably advise their clients to “co-operate” with CAS,.. This loosely translates to being advised to give up the Legal and Constitutional Rights afforded by any other court of Law (or agency) in this country!! It is time for solidarity. It is time for an audit of CAS protocol and practice. It is time for change in Lanark County! I propose to form a coalition within our community beginning with the establishment of a Support Group to provide a safe forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns.

FAILSAFE-Webster dictionary defines this as “being or relating to a safeguard that prevents continuing on a bombing-mission according to a preconceived plan” for us..


Join us for our first “THINKTANK” on September 29th 2009, 7o’clock PM 40 North St. Perth Ontario


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Perth Ontario