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Long Arm of CAS

October 27, 2009 permalink

A reliable and anonymous reporter tells of a case originating in Haldimand-Norfolk, so from the initials H-N we will use the pseudonym Hannah for the 20-year-old mother. CAS has reached into a Caribbean country to seize a baby.



Hannah left Canada for a Caribbean country in July with her baby. While she was gone the CAS applied to the court for a supervision order and got it.

A couple of days ago, a warrant was issued for her one-year-old son and Hannah and child were picked up and taken to the Embassy in that country. The child isn't in danger of any kind and is taken care of by Hannah. I'm assuming this has to do with the supervision order.

She will be back in Canada tonight (October 26) sometime. One can only assume an apprehension will follow as the CAS has spoken to Hannah's mom saying things like "won't be placing child with family because of flight risk" and of course the warrant.

However, Hannah didn't leave the country to escape the supervision order or any kind of pending apprehension.. the order was put in place after she left.

[I have] been speaking to Hannah's mom and she's been telling me it's all so strange. The travel arrangements are being made between the CAS and the Embassy. It's pretty obvious what's about to happen tonight once the girl gets off the airplane.

The CAS is stating they don't want the child with family because of "flight risk". The grandma wants the child and can care for the child yet has no passport. She doesn't have a whole lot financially so travel is pretty much out of the question and she already has custody of Hannah's oldest child.

(October 27)

The child was apprehended at the airport. and the mother and grandmother have given permission for the story to appear on

The police in the other country took the girl and her child based on a warrant from Canada for the child

The supervision order was made while Hannah was in the other country and the paperwork she received tonight was an affidavit and a court order that states that the society has interim care and custody of the child.

The embassy assured Hannah that all her belongings and the child's belongings would be picked up from the residence and it would be sent on the plane. That's not true and all the belongings were left behind in the other country.

Initial involvement: When they were in Canada Hannah missed a meeting or two with the worker. She was seeing them on a periodic basis voluntarily (because of behaviour issues when she was a young teen, they got involved when she had children) after that I guess they sought the supervision order when she wasn't in Canada. The order was pretty minimal, more about keeping appointments than anything.

Source: anonymous reporter