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DSS Gunslinger

October 7, 2009 permalink

A South Carolina DSS worker knows how to get rid of people who get in the way: point a gun at them.



DSS worker arrested, suspended after allegedly pulling gun on Coastal Carolina students

Kurt Knapek -

A S.C. Dept. of Social Services worker who works with special needs children in Horry County was arrested and suspended from his job after three Coastal Carolina students told police Monday that he pointed a gun and threatened them, officials said.

The victims told police that Scott Grainger, 38, of Conway pulled up next to their vehicle on U.S. 501, rolled down his window and pointed a gun at them at 2 p.m. Monday.

Grainger is charged with pointing and presenting a firearm and was jailed overnight at J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway. He posted $5,000 bond Tuesday and was released.

Scott Grainger
Scott Grainger

Grainger has worked for the intensive foster care and clinical services division of DSS since September 2007, said Virginia Williamson, general counsel. Grainger is a case manager who works with special needs children, but does not have children in his custody, Williamson said.

``He is on administrative suspension while his supervisor and investigators sort out what happened and what led to the arrest,'' Williamson said. ``We'll continue to work with law enforcement on the case.''

Grainger will not be paid during his suspension, Williamson said.

Grainger was on duty at the time of the arrest but was not in a state vehicle and did not have any children with him, Williamson said. She said there is no reason for Grainger to have a firearm while working.

Grainger has no criminal history in South Carolina, according to a State Law Enforcement Division background check.

A call to Grainger's home was not returned Tuesday afternoon.

Tiffany Boyd said the driver of the vehicle she was in used his turn signal and pulled in front of Grainger's vehicle as they were approaching a traffic light.

``He started honking the horn and flipping us off,'' Boyd said. ``We didn't do anything that would provoke someone to pull a gun on us.''

After Grainger pointed the gun at the victims, they told police they followed his car to the end of University Blvd. at S.C. 544, the report shows.

Grainger got out of car at a traffic light and started to beat on the driver's side door telling the driver ``Don't mess with me, I will [expletive] kill you,'' the report shows. Grainger reportedly tried to open the driver's door, which was locked, and also attempted to lure the driver out of the vehicle.

When the traffic light turned green, Grainger tried to leave the scene and the victims told officers they made a U-turn to avoid the suspect. Grainger then turned and began to follow the victims' vehicle.

The victims told officers they drove northbound on U.S. 501 to get away from the suspect and turned into the Conway National Bank to try and avoid Grainger.

The victims later returned to Coastal Carolina and alerted police.

``That was the scariest moment of my life,'' Boyd said.

Source: Myrtle Beach Sun-News