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Munchausen Syndrome by Orthodoxy

September 7, 2009 permalink

After thriteen-year-old Ashleigh Cave was vaccinated with Cervarix against HPV (human papillomavirus), she quickly fell ill, and a year later her legs are paralyzed. The doctor insisted the illness was unconnected to the vaccine. When mother Cheryl Cave questioned the doctor, he had an instant diagnosis: the mother suffered from Munchausen's by Proxy, meaning she intentionally abused her own child. She has been threatened with loss of custody for continuing in her belief that the vaccine is responsible.

In this and many other cases, doctors use Munchausen's to cover up injuries caused by the medical system itself. Here are two articles, one from the UK Sunday Times, the other by a student journalist.



From The Sunday Times,, September 6, 2009

Question a doctor and lose your child

Ashleigh Cave lost the use of her legs after a vaccination

Cheryl Cave

Daniel Foggo

PARENTS are being threatened with having their children taken into care after questioning doctors’ diagnoses or objecting to their medical care.

John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, who campaigns to stop injustices in the family court, said: “Very often care proceedings are used as retaliation by local authorities against ‘uppity’ people who question the system.”

Cases are emerging across the UK:

The mother of a 13-year-old girl who became partly paralysed after being given a cervical cancer vaccination says social workers have told her the child may be removed if she (the mother) continues to link her condition with the vaccination.

A couple had all six of their children removed from their care after they disputed the necessity of an invasive medical test on their eldest daughter. Doctors, who suspected she might have had a blood disease, called for social services to obtain an emergency protection order, although it was subsequently confirmed that she was not suffering from the condition. The parents were still considered unstable, and all their children were taken from them.

A single mother whose teenage son is terminally ill and confined to a wheelchair has been told he is to become the subject of a care order after she complained that her local authority’s failure to provide bathroom facilities for him has left her struggling to maintain sanitary standards.

In the first of those cases, Ashleigh Cave, 13, from Liverpool, began experiencing severe headaches and dizziness half an hour after being inoculated last October with Cervarix, which guards against girls contracting the human papilloma virus.

The schoolgirl was soon collapsing repeatedly; she lost the use of her legs and was admitted to Alder Hey children’s hospital. Nearly 11 months later she is still in hospital and is unable to stand or walk unaided. Her mother, Cheryl, has now been told that doctors believe her condition must be psychosomatic.

“The hospital brought in social workers from the local authority who have told me they are considering putting Ashleigh on an at-risk register,” Cheryl Cave said. She is convinced her daughter’s paralysis was caused by the vaccination.

Cave said that a social worker from Sefton council said she suspected her of having Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy or factitious illness syndrome — controversial conditions in which mothers are said to attribute illnesses falsely to their children in order to gain attention.

Cave said: “The social worker said I should stop believing the injection has anything to do with Ashleigh’s condition because I am putting my thoughts on to her and stopping her getting well.

“Since Ashleigh was in hospital she has become incontinent and had double kidney infections and chest infections. Have I made all these up?”

In the third of these cases, Melvilina Gavin-Langley’s 16-year-old son Omar is terminally ill with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and restricted to a wheelchair.

His mother is embroiled in a legal dispute with Birmingham city council over a partly completed extension intended to provide Omar with easy access to a bathroom.

Gavin-Langley, 49, who wants the extension rebuilt because she says it was designed in a way that was dangerous and obstructed access to sewers, said: “I have had to carry Omar upstairs to bathe him but it was risking dislocating his shoulders and also I got a hernia from all the lifting.

“I told the council I could no longer lift Omar across my back.

“They then turned that around and said I had said I could no longer care for my son. They say they have to put him into care because his hair has not been washed and he’s not getting a bath. They have just threatened me with this because they don’t like me taking legal action against them.”

A spokesman for Birmingham city council confirmed the council was seeking an interim care order but said social workers wanted Omar to remain with his mother.

Sefton council did not comment on the Ashleigh Cave case.

Source: Sunday Times (UK)

An adverse reaction to Cervarix has caused a British parent to be falsely accused of child abuse .

Christina England, September 06, 2009

Gardasil injection

One British child Ashleigh Cave is now paralysed after having just one shot of the vaccine the HPV vaccine Cervarix, many others are also disabled or ill, however, for not agreeing with the doctor that the vaccine did not cause her child to become paralysed, Cheryl Cave, Ashleigh's mother, has now become another parent to be falsely accused of Munchausen's by Proxy.

Cheryl told the reporter Daniel Foggo Question a doctor and lose your child The Sunday Mail 6th September 2009

"A social worker said I should stop believing the injection has anything to do with Ashleigh's condition because I am putting my thoughts on to her and stopping her getting well."

Ashleigh became ill within a few minutes of having Cervarix, she began to suffer a severe migraine, weakness, nausea and dizziness, within 48 hours she had collapsed 5 times and within 1 week she was unable to stand or walk. Since the 24th October 2008, this once fit little girl has been in Alder Hey Hospital Liverpool, England, UK. She is unable to walk without discomfort and the use of a frame and suffers from excruciating pains in her legs, she is also incontinent.

She has suffered one infection after another since her admission into hospital, one at Christmas was so severe it nearly killed her when she developed flu like symptoms, had a high temperature, peaking at 39.6 (103 F) and a heart rate recorded to been as high as 160 beats per minute. Her breathing at times appeared laboured and she has needed to use a nebulizer. For two days she was coughing up blood.

She has also had a double kidney infection and a severe chest infection.

Cheryl asks "Did I make these up?"

A second opinion brought in by Alder Hey thinks not.

Dr. Richard Ward Newton

Paediatric Neurology

Private surgery

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Pendlebury

M27 4HA Manchester (Greater Manchester)

EUROPEAN PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY SOCIETY Elected to the 2006-2010 Board of the EPNS examined Ashleigh on the 13th March 2009 and his findings were as follows:-

"By far the most likely explanation of Ashleigh's illness is that initially she has an adverse event following vaccination"

He also said

"I think we can conclude that Ashleigh experienced the well documented short term adverse events of headache, myalgia and light-headedness (dizziness)"

Dr Newton even referenced studies in the Lancet referring to adverse events following HPV vaccination particularly the work of Diane Harper who worked on the trials for both HPV vaccines.

Clearly he believed that Ashleigh had suffered from adverse reactions to this vaccine and as we know there is no law of course stating just how long an adverse reaction can last.

He continued to say:-

"Rehabilitation usually brings about good results although the fix is often not quick, particularly when the illness has gone on for five months or more."

In Ashleigh's case there are huge question marks as to whether she should have ever had this vaccination in the first place.

Here we had a child with Noonan's syndrome, a blood clotting disorder, frequent infections indicating a possible lowered immune system, a mild heart problem and severe asthma, who was given a relatively new vaccine at school with hundreds of other students. We have to ask ourselves is the school the right environment for our children to have vaccines at all? How can school nurses be expected to be aware of every students full medical history and that of their family? It is an almost impossible task when schools have 2000 or more pupils in. Even if a school did have the full information for each child or was able to access full medical data, do they then check every child against the guidelines set out by the drugs companies? Do schools have all the facts of when vaccines could present a problem?

Ashleigh has a blood clotting disorder, GSK state "Tell your doctor if you have a fever, a low blood platelet count, or any blood clotting disorders." Cervarix Glaxo Smith Kline

So was Ashleigh's GP consulted before this vaccine was given?

Another important point to bear in mind is this GP advert from GSK clearly stating that "there is no data on the use of Cervarix in subjects with impaired immune responsiveness"

Therefore, inferring that GSK had not tested this vaccine on subjects with impaired immune systems, so then was it safe to give this vaccine to a child who has these type of problems?

Sadly parents being falsely accused of child abuse as a result of their children having vaccine damage has been going on for many years. The situation is getting to epidemic proportion just as predicted by Lisa Blakemore-Brown Psychologist, Expert in Autism and author in the 1990's. She first highlighted her concerns about the rise in MSBP and false accusations of child abuse in 1996, the first real statement she made making her concerns crystal clear was in a letter to the Psychologist in 1997 and then a second article in the Therapist showing an indication that she felt this may be due to adverse reactions to vaccines in 1998.

Lisa has continued to voice her concerns in public ever since. Leaving comments like this one on Times online;-

Times Online 20th June 2007 – Cot Death Suspicions are Revived – Nigel Hawkes Health Editor

"Professor Sir Roy Meadow also works in the area of vaccine research in which cot death is one of the adverse reactions.

On 6th July 1988 in Room 1611/12 Market Towers, he sat with others including Professor Elizabeth Miller, epidemiologist for the vaccine programme and Dr David Salisbury, with a similar remit at the Depart ment of Health in the Joint Sub Committee on Adverse Reactions to vaccines and immunisation.

During these meetings held over many years, deaths of babies were routinely discussed.

Leading medics have written to other medics about three and four children dying in one family within one area where the rate of cot death was much higher than in other parts of the country. At least two families reported how the deaths followed vaccines.

So why is a vaccine reaction, clearly well known to the inner medical circle, NEVER mentioned as part of the differential diagnosis?

Even now Hey and Bacon fail to even mention it.

Its time the public knew about all this"

Lisa Blakemore-Brown, London, UK

And then again in comments on the Indepedant – Official warning Measles epidemic in Britain Jeremy Laurance 21st June 2008

"There are so many profoundly serious issues connected to the vaccine programme which have yet to be written about in the British Press that its difficult to know where to start.

Here is one issue:

Professor Elizabeth Miller, Head of the Immunization Department in the UK who worked closely with Bob Chen at the CDC when the first Thimerosal studies were being "managed", sat in the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation/Adverse Reactions Sub Committee, with Dr David Salisbury and none other that Professor Roy Meadow, of MBSP fame, when the MMR was being introduced.

In the Sally Clark case, Professor Meadow accused her of killing two children who had just been vaccinated, one just 5 hours earlier. To my certain knowledge, as a Psychologist specialising in Autism since 1993, and working as a generic Psychologist since 1984, many parents whose children reacted to a vaccine have been wrongly accused of MSBP. Known side effects have been morphed into child abuse. Workers have been taught to view them this way and act accordingly. Some have had their children taken from them, some were sent to prison and Sally Clark lost her children and her life.

Gerberding in the US in the last two days has cast serious doubt on the validity and reliability of the epidemiology of which Professor Miller was a part.

What has been going on behind the dark curtain of international pharmaceutical/political commercial interests?

Why would Professor Meadow accuse people of harming their children when he knew vaccine reaction had to be part of the differential diagnosis? Why would Professor Miller allow herself to be involved in flawed epidemiology?

Why would Professor Salisbury, as a Government medical representative allow all of it to happen?"

Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Lisa continues to speak out today her last article just over two months ago.

Ashleigh's case will not be a huge surprise to her or the other professionals who for years have supported her work or views.

Charles Pragnell wrote two very powerful articles on this very subject Iatrogenic Child Abuse and Vaccines and Child Abuse Accusations

The many professionals on the site Shaken Baby Syndrome which include Dr Michael Innis, Dr. Archie Kalokerinos of Australia , Dr. Yazbak also support the views of Lisa Blakemore-Brown that parents are indeed being falsely accused of child abuse and murder when vaccines are the real cause of their children's death, disabilities or illness.

Other professionals from around the world like Viera Scheibner MD who wrote the brilliant article Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis on Shaky Ground have similar views.

So has Lisa been right all these years? Is Ashleigh just another case of professionals trying to cover up the very real fact that vaccines are causing our children to become ill? Are parents being falsely accused of child abuse to quieten them if they do not agree with doctors?

It is a fact that very few professionals have the courage to write down vaccine damage as a cause of death or injury despite overwhelming evidence and parents adamant that their child was absolutely fit and healthy before a vaccine.

Baby Christopher Blum was held in a mortuary for 20 years because of a dispute concerning his death. His parents always believed that the triple vaccine DTP killed their son although doctors said that Christopher died of a Cot Death. Christopher's parents refused to sign the death certificate until the vaccine was written as the cause of their sons death.

His mother had taken him to the North Middlesex Hospital to be given a triple vaccination for whooping cough, polio and tetanus. He was sick immediately afterwards.

"He was sort of lethargic. We put him to bed about seven or eight in the evening. I went to check him at about half past nine," Mr Blum told The Guardian newspaper. "His fists were clenched up to the sides of his head and his face was down on the pillow. I picked him up and as soon as I did I knew something was wrong. He wasn't floppy like a baby, he was rigid. There was blood coming out of his nose. I screamed and went running downstairs with him. My neighbour tried to give him the kiss of life and was pushing his chest. We suspected the vaccine straight away."

The full story is in the Telegraph 30th January 2009 Baby's body kept in mortuary for 20 years after parents dispute 'cot death'

As Ashleigh and her family prepare for the prospect of Ashleigh going on to the 'At risk register' and possibly even into care for alleged abuse from her dedicated mother, one has to wonder if doctors will ever listen to the parents or if not what it is that keeps so keen to cover up vaccines adverse reactions.

Dr Curran, Ashleigh's consultant said:-

"I can say with complete certainty that she is demonstrating no pathological reaction to her vaccination."

Perhaps he needs to read the papers that ICAP sent the Robert Koch Institute in Germany which clearly show how dangerous the HPV vaccines Cervarix and Gardasil are. All these papers are fully backed with evidence.

Christina England

I am a UK journalist studying for an HND in journalism. I am also a member of ICAP International Coalition of Advocates for the People

I have an interest in Human Right issues, especially the rights of the disabled and the elderly.

Currently I am exploring vaccines and the adverse reactions that they can and do cause, particularly Autism, ADHD and other neurological and physical disorders. I believe that all parents have the right to the information often hidden by the pharmaceutical industries about what vaccines contain and their often devastating side effects. It's only when a parent has the full facts that they can make a fully informed choice as to whether to have their child vaccinated or not. Parents also need to know that there are other choices open to them like single vaccines, mercury free vaccines, homeopathic vaccines and diets to boost the immune system to promote good healthy living.

Our children must not become human pin cushions or profit making machines , they are precious and they are ours..It seems odd that in this current recession the drug companies grow richer as our children become sicker.

Source: American Chronicle