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Baby Stealing is Dangerous

September 6, 2009 permalink

Punishing bank robbers does not bring on the urge to kill. Harming children does. This fact means family courts require the heaviest security. John Dunn is following up on three paragraphs he found in the minutes of the Brantford Police Services Board in which legal aid and children's aid are requesting increased courthouse security.

2. f) Court Security

A letter dated March 3, 2008, was received from Douglas Reeves, Area Director of Legal Aid Ontario, in which he indicated support of the Ontario Court of Justice’s efforts to implement enhanced security measures at the Ontario Court of Justice Court House at 44 Queen Street, Brantford.

Chief McElveny advised that he had recently received a similar letter from Mr. Andrew Koster, Executive Director of the Children’s Aid Society of Brant, in which Mr. Koster urged the Police Service to provide staff for the recently-installed metal detectors at 44 Queen Street, Brantford.

Staff was asked to respond to both letters by indicating that the Board is continuing to investigate this important issue and adequate funding for court security would be discussed at an upcoming conference of the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards.

Source: Minutes of the Brantford Police Services Board March 20, 2008 (pdf)