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Soo Foster Teen Strangles Boy

July 9, 2009 permalink

A Sault Ste Marie foster teen is in the news for trying to kill a boy in a group home and a month later threatening to kill his foster family. There have been two other Soo foster teens in the news this year: In February a foster girl ran away with a man who was acting as a father, not a lover, and in June a boy trashed his foster home.



Troubled teen pleads guilty to serious charges

COURT: Threatens to kill foster family, self

Posted By FRANK DOBROVNIK, THE SAULT STAR, Updated July 8, 2009

A 15-year-old pleaded Tuesday to trying to strangle another boy with zip-tie cord, as well as threatening to slaughter his entire foster family and himself.

The assault took place at a Sault Ste. Marie group home May 10, Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni heard. Crown prosecutor David Kirk said the accused, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was throwing a Frisbee around the backyard with another resident when he suddenly brandished a two-foot-long cord, such as that used to secure computer cables together, started "pulling tight and lifted him off the ground," Kirk said.

"He said he wanted to see what it felt like to put a cord around (the victim's) neck."

He eventually let go and the victim ran inside to tell the group home workers, who called police. He was reluctant to talk to officers, "probably because (the offender) was hanging around the area. As soon as they got him away from (him), he told them what happened," Kirk said.

The youth pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon.

The second incident, to which he pleaded to uttering death threats and failing to comply with probation, occurred June 24 at his foster family's cottage on the North Shore. Kirk said he was angry at his foster father for making him change his shorts, "which were inappropriate because they had pictures of naked women on them."

He stormed to the dock, where he told an unidentified woman it would make him happy to "stab (the man) with a barbecue fork and then watch him laying on the ground, bleeding out and gurgling." He told the woman he would then "have to kill everyone in the house and hang himself."

Police were called and, because the latter part of the threat could be construed as suicidal, admitted him to hospital for assessment.

Buttazzoni agreed to a presentence report before considering penalty, on Aug. 28. However, he said the accused, who did not get bail, was in effect in custody.

Source: Sault Star