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Obstructing Justice

August 27, 2009 permalink

Here are some parts of a discussion showing how justice is obstructed, by requiring motions to be filed on forms, then refusing to supply those forms. The family does not use a lawyer because, like most families in protection cases, they have already spent more than they can afford on lawyers. We don't know whether the mother wants to be identified by name, so it is left out.



Well my husband was in Sudbury last week at the court. He asked for the status 64 review forms and all he got was the sheets of rules about a status 64 review from the court, which of course we already have and knew about. He specifically asked for the forms to do one and was refused the forms and was told, if you tell us what forms you want then we will give them to you. Of course he didnt know, thats one of the reasons why he made a trip across the country, to get them.

Unless someone can actually get all and the correct forms to do one no one has a chance in hell of getting a status 64 review through the Ontario court system. Talk about corrupt and to go online to where all the forms are is useless unless you know exactly what forms you need and if no one will tell you then you are f%$#^d.

At least here in BC they are actually helpful and held accountable when you ask for forms for something.

After another person suggested the website: Family Law Rules Forms, the mother continued:

Pppffftttt.. we know where to get the forms online, we just dont know all the forms or which ones we need and no one will tell us.

John Dunn added:

Also, about the clerks that's right. Imagine being at a desk where thousands of law suits happen each day and each one is looking to blame something on someone else. The clerks would get sued each day for offering the wrong form by mistake, saying the wrong thing, it would be an endless stream of firings and court appearances and they would never be at work.. so this is why they are not allowed (even if they know) to offer anything.

Sad, but true. There should be a lawyer at each counter to answer such questions.

Source: email exchange on afterfostercare, August 27, 2009