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CAS Grabs Young Arsonists

August 11, 2009 permalink

In social-worker-speak they will "work with" two children who set a series of fires in Sudbury. There is not enough published for comment yet, but if the behavior continues it is bound to be in the news again.



Two kids linked to rash of fires set Aug. 6; too young to be charged

Posted August 11, 2009

Two kids younger than 12 have been linked to three of six suspicious fires set Aug. 6, Greater Sudbury Police announced Tuesday.

Because the children are so young, they cannot be held criminally responsible; however, “social agencies have been called in to work with the individuals and their families,” police said in a release.

The fires were set from 2 to 6 a.m. on Notre-Dame Avenue, Elm Street, Lorne Street, Dell Street and Mountain Street.

“The fires caused minor damage, though there was definitely potential for extensive damage and serious injuries,” police said.

Investigators located a suspect on Aug. 6 “and the investigation has since linked three of the fires to two young persons under the age of 12.”

The investigation is continuing.

Source: Sudbury Star