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Teens Forcibly Drugged.

August 9, 2009 permalink

Canada Court Watch reports two stories of teenagers forced to take psychotropic drugs while under care of children's aid. Since no names are used, it is impossible to tell whether they are the same person, but the experiences are commonplace.



Are children in care of CAS agencies being forcefully medicated so that CAS can collect more tax dollars?

(August 3, 2009) Canada Court Watch was involved with a story involving a child in the care of the Durham CAS who was being medicated when it was not necessary. The story was covered by CBC news and can still be viewed on its website under the video "finding normal." Segments of video materials taken by Canada Court Watch during this case were aired on National TV in which the boy described being sexually abused and drugged while in care of the CAS. As a result of intervention by outside advocates, the boy was removed from the CAS, taken off the drugs and given back to his family and is now doing fine outside of the CAS. Had outside help not been a factor, chances are that this boy would still be in care of the CAS and likely still on drugs.

Another older boy has recently come forth to report to Canada Court Watch that he too has been forcefully fed a cocktail of powerful mind altering drugs by the CAS when he feels he did not need them. The teen reported that even though he told the CAS doctor that he did not need these drugs, the prescribing doctor would not listen to him and told him that he should take the drugs because all the other kids in care were taking them. The teen said he got the impression that the doctor was prescribing medication at the request of CAS workers and not based on the real need to prescribe such powerful medications. Once prescribed medication by the CAS doctor, the teen described how 200 pound workers would would wrestle teens to the ground and then sit on them while they put the pills in the mouths of kids in care and then forced water into their mouths.

The teen has reported that as soon as he got out of care and stopped taking the drugs that he felt much better almost immediately. While the CAS administered drugs made him drowsy and unable to get up in the morning, he now wakes up alert at normal times. He does not feel dizzy and sick like he did while in CAS care. The teen claims he was never told why he needed the drugs nor ever told of the short term or long term health risks. He was told to take the drugs or that the medication would be forcefully put down his throat by thugs at the CAS facility. The teen believes that his natural growth has been stunted by the drugs he was forced to take while in the care of CAS.

It is known that CAS agencies receive significant amounts of tax dollars for having children in care. More money is obtained when these kids are put on medication. The question must be asked, are children being prescribed unnecessary medication so that the CAS agencies can collect more tax money from the Province of Ontario?

If readers know of any person who feels that they were subjected to unnecessary prescribed medication while under the care of a CAS agency and who would be willing to go public with their story, then please have them send details and contact information, including phone number to

Source: Canada Court Watch, August 3, 2009

drug bag

Breaking news - Teen claims he was subjected to years of abuse while a Crown Ward for the York Region Children's Aid Society!

(August 4, 2009) A teen who has been under the care and control of the York Region Children's Aid Society has written a scathing letter to the Executive Director of the society, Mr. Patrick Lake, in which he describes years of abuse by workers while he was a Crown Ward. The teen described how he and other children are being medicated by force without their consent, in spite of them being over the age of 14. The teen described an environment of assaults, threats and intimidation being used on a daily basis against children in the care of CAS. One of the facilities which the York Region CAS had this teen held captive was Youthdale Treatment Centre. In follow-up to this story, Court Watch has found a public blog where other former residents of Youthdale have reported similar stories of abuse as well, including forced medication by injections at the facility. Photo to the left is the actual bag containing the cocktail of powerful medication which the teen was forced to take against his wishes and without the prescribing doctor telling him what the medication was for what the side effects of the medication were. More information about this breaking story will be released as soon as it becomes available.

Are children in care of CAS agencies being forcefully medicated so that CAS can collect more tax dollars?

Source: Canada Court Watch, August 4, 2009

Drugging of children