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Secret CAS Board

August 9, 2009 permalink

The board meetings of Sudbury CAS are de facto held in secret, since they refuse to disclose the time and place of the meetings to parties interested in attending.



Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sudbury CAS Keeping Board Meetings Secret from Public

The Foster Care Council of Canada has received an e-mail message from a citizen of Sudbury who informed us of the fact that he has been asking for years when the Society's Board of Directors holds meetings that the public can attend and that the Society has refused to respond to him.

His e-mail read as follows:

"For two years I have been asking Sudbury CAS when they hold their monthly meetings....still no relpy. I requested info under FIA, the Ministry's (Mary-Lou Daniels) wrote me and said "we just fund them""

The Council will intervene and seek a response from the Society regarding the following information:

  1. the schedule for the monthly Board of Directors meetings
  2. whether the public can attend
  3. how the public can attend
  4. if there are any limitations to members of the public attending such monthly Board meetings

Posted by afterfostercare at 7:57 AM

Source: Foster Care News (John Dunn), August 9, 2009