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Liars and Sinners

July 14, 2009 permalink

In language that sounds more like an unmoderated internet discussion than a politician, senator Pam Roach describes her state's child protectors as liars and sinners. At least little Lilly will grow up with family as a result of the senator's intervention.



Monday, July 13, 2009

Lilly Is With Her Paternal Great-Grandparents

Lilly will NOT be adopted by a foster adopt single woman as is so often the scenario with CPS. I like to think I had something to do with that.

Lilly will go either to her maternal grandparents who raised her from birth to age 3 before the department illegally took her from her family...

or, she will go to her paternal great-grandparents who are caring for her at this time...

or, there is an outside chance that she will go back to her mother who was tricked into terminating her rights by the department.

One week ago Friday, July 3, 2009, we found out that Lilly was learning to spell her "new" last name...the name of the great-grandparents. Last week the department told the greats that placement did not necessarily mean permanency with them. The department told them that, in my opinion, to project the appearance of fairness. In reality...the department has decided to give the child to the great-grandparents! But, they have to take it step-by-step to avoid further criticism.

The first home study, that was full of lies, was the reason that the child was taken from the grandparents.

Since the department has acknowledged that the first home study on the grandparents was flawed..."the opinions of mankind" (that is taken from the Declaration of Independence) force them to at least finish the second home study before they assign the child.

Hello...the fact that a new home study was ordered...and that they took the child because of the first home study... opens the government to liability. If they do the right thing and return the child to the grandparents or the mother, then taxpayers will have to pay less in the end. This family and child have been harmed by the department's actions.

I called DSHS Sec. Susan Dreyfus to tell her I thought it was down-right cruel of the department to be doing another in-home study of the maternal grandparents, get their hopes up after having been lied about in the first report...only to have them learn that the new in-home study was just another sham. Our conversation lasted one hour.

Posted by State Senator Pam Roach at 3:48 PM

The SINS of DSHS...Against Lilly...Her Family...And All Of Us

There are many outcomes of the department's illegal actions. Let's just look at how they have torn this little family apart:

First Lie: CPS told the mother that if she terminated her rights to Lilly then her parents could adopt her.

This was the first rouse. It was tried in the Stuth Case. The Stuth's came to me in February of 2008. The department told them that if their daughter terminated her parental rights then they would be able to adopt their granddaughter. The Stuths saw this only as a way to speed up the taking. They were right. Their daughter did not terminate allowing for more time to save her daughter from the state. Do not trust the department. Once you terminate they swoop in and place the child immediately with a pre-selected foster-adopt. The child had been promised to someone else! They ask for termination so they can make an easy take!

Second Lie: CPS wrote an in-home study full of lies and never saying one good thing about the grandparents. They lied to a judge...essentially!

This study was the basis of the taking! This totally biased study was done after a 20 minute visit to the home. CPS never asked the grandparents anything about all the bad things they planned to report. No explanations, not one rebuttal allowed. (And, with no standing the grandparents must lawyer-up to stop the machine!) If the GPs had rights to rebuttal they could have removed the claim that they had stolen a computer from Swedish Hospital. (I never could figure out how anyone could do that in the first place. I keep coming up with the visual of a wheel chair and the grandpa bundled up with a blanket and white wig....)

Third Sin: There was never a claim or accusation that the child was in any danger, physical, sexual, emotional, nothing...Lilly was taken without legal cause!

She was taken by a false report that never even claimed that the child was in danger! It is hard to elaborate on that one! They wanted this taking done quickly. How many other babies have been stolen this way? We need to know. Susan, you need to be asking some questions.

Posted by State Senator Pam Roach at 5:51 PM

Source: Pam Roach blog July 13, 2009

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