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Ticket Fixed

May 20, 2009 permalink

Unhappy with that traffic ticket? Long Island CPS worker Glen Tuifel was, and he used information in the CPS files to fight it.



Former CPS Supervisor Arrested Trying To Discredit Police Officer

Glen Cove man accessed confidential Child Protective Services files trying to get even with cop

By MIKE GRAHAM |, May 19, 2009, MINEOLA, N.Y. (WPIX)

Glen Tuifel
Arrested for using his position at CPS and trying to discredit police officer

In an attempt to get back at a police officer who gave him a speeding ticket, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice says a former Nassau Child Protective Services supervisor illegally accessed the agency's confidential database with hopes of discrediting the officer.

40 year old Glen Tuifel has been arrested and charged with Official Misconduct and Illegally Disclosing Confidential Information. Rice said on or about October 6, 2008, Tuifel got into the New York State Office of Child and Family Services secured database to see if the police officer had ever been investigated.

Tuifel did find that there was an investigation into the officer and attempted to use that information in court to get the ticket dismissed. Tuifel lost his court battle and in addition the actual investigation into the officer was determined to be unfounded.

"He was in a position of trust and he abused that trust," said Rice. "He launched a personal vendetta and when he abused his public position he crossed the line and his vendetta became criminal".

The whole incident came to light after the police officer filed a complaint with the Police Department and prosecutors. Prosecutors say an extensive investigation revealed that Tuifel's username accessed the secured database.

If convicted Tuifel faces up to a year in jail for both misdemeanors.

Source: WPIX-TV New York