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Reign of Terror

May 25, 2009 permalink

The girl whose liberation was announced on May 12 is now in peril, as are her advocates. Anne Marsden has been threatened with a $10,000 fine for posting to Dufferin VOCA. The girl's mother is also blamed for the same posting, and has received a menacing communication from her own lawyer. The plans to return the girl to her mother may be suspended on account of the web posting. How is that for protecting the best interest of the child? As noted years ago, CAS suppresses news using methods shared with the late Saddam Hussein.

In an unrelated incident, another parent (we have to keep him/her anonymous) has been threatened with serious jail time if anything about his/her CAS case appears on the internet.

We regret that we cannot cite sources for this item. To eliminate any possibility of doubt, Anne Marsden does not have the ability to post messages to Dufferin VOCA.

reign of terror