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Fighting Foul

May 23, 2009 permalink

John Dunn has discovered that the Alberta government is trying to win its foster care class action lawsuit, not by prevailing on the law or the facts, but through the back door method of disbarring the opposing lawyer, Robert P Lee. Here are two extracts from the complaints found by Mr Dunn: Dunne, McPhail. (Links to complaints removed because of the state of the legal case).



Friday, May 22, 2009

Class Action Lawyer Needs Our Help

I am not sure if anyone is familiar with the Alberta Class Action law suit which has been launched in Alberta on behalf of foster children and former foster children who were not compensated for abuse suffered before or after entering foster care, for children who were taken into care without proper plans of care being made for them, and more.

One of the Lawyers involved, Robert P. Lee, has been taken to the Law Society in Alberta with complaints filed against him by the opposing lawyers (or the Crown?) I am not 100% sure who

Anyhow, the Law Society has already convicted Robert P. Lee of a couple of the seven allegations against him of breaching professional conduct etc. and the next time he appears before the Law Society it is for them to decide how to punish him (sentencing). Do they remove him from being able to practice law? To prevent him from helping these foster kids and former foster kids to take the government to court?

I am asking everyone to please write a letter in support of him remaining as a lawyer because it is in the public interest that he remain able to work on behalf of current, former and future foster children. That he remain on the case to act as the voice for the most vulnerable who are rarely in the position to bring legal action against the child welfare authorities due to limited resources and a lack of lawyers willing to put in the time required to initiate and follow through on such an action.

Feel free to mention whether you feel it is in the public interest that Mr. Robert P. Lee remain active as a lawyer and that you believe (if you do) that he has endured enough public embarrassment and humiliation as a result of these allegations and the overall disciplinary hearings against him, and that they have already had the desired effect of deterring similar behaviour in the future.

End your letter emphasizing once again, the importance in the PUBLIC INTEREST across CANADA of Robert P. Lee acting on behalf of the Alberta's thousands of current, former and future foster children since far too often these vulnerable citizens can not find any legal representation to assist them with their claims related to child welfare abuse and neglect.

I rarely ask people to take part in writing campaigns however I feel that this particular issue, this particular lawyer, one of the very few who have stuck themselves out there for vulnerable children and youth and their families deserves our support.

It should only take five minutes to write a quick letter of support mentioning the public importance and public interest across CANADA of his staying on as a lawyer

Are you able to give five minutes of your time for this man who has given hundreds of hours so far for foster kids?

Please send your letters to Robert P. Lee at or call him at 1-780-438-4972 x306 and give him your contact information so he can contact you back. Also let me know if you contacted him.

The allegations against Robert P. Lee to the Law Society regarding professional misconduct, you will see do not pertain to him scamming a bunch of people from their money etc. or anything else of such an immoral character. He appears to simply be a guy who appears to get a bit upset periodically when dealing with child welfare authorities and their Counsel. (raising voice at them etc) Have you ever been upset at child welfare authorities and their counsel? Do you think he deserves to stay on as a lawyer?

Please help Robert P. Lee in Alberta.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 613-220-1039

Originally reported at John Dunn's Advocacy Blog: Child Advocate Report Evidence in Class Action Legal Action by Foster Kids

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Source: John Dunn blog for May 22, 2009 and email