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Healthy Boys Available

May 7, 2009 permalink

Ontario's Ministry of Children and Youth Services is advertising two brothers for adoption. The announcement mentions no problems for Preston, and only a modest difficulty for Drew. These boys don't look like abandoned children. Maybe you are a family member, or know the family. If so, please notify Dufferin VOCA by email [ rtmq at ].




Preston and Drew are brothers who share a family bond. They would benefit from a home where they can be raised together.

Preston Drew

Six-year old Preston is a highly intelligent child who adores school. He brings a library book home every day. Sometimes Preston gets frustrated when he cannot master a task on the first try and he needs support with this.

Preston loves to help around the home and will make his own bed in the morning. He likes the pets at his foster home and enjoys a variety of activities including colouring and watching children’s movies. Preston is a very active child and needs a lot of supervision to ensure his safety.

Four year old Drew is a very affectionate child who thrives on one-on-one attention from the adults in his life. He prefers the company of younger children and likes to play “make believe” games or solitary activities. He really likes being read to.

Drew is described as an active boy at school and is doing well in junior kindergarten. He has some difficulty with speech for which he is receiving services from a community agency. He also sees an occupational therapist as he is lagging in his gross motor abilities.

An adoptive family who are able to provide nurturing, structure and consistency would be crucial to parenting these two boys. The ability to advocate and a willingness to be involved in community services would also be important.

If you think your family could be the right one for Preston and Drew, please call the Adoption Council of Ontario at the toll free number 1-877-236-7820 or 416-482-0021. Leave your name and telephone number and be sure to identify the children you are calling about. Information is also available from the Adoption Council of Ontario via e-mail at or from AdoptOntario at

Source: Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services