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Support for John Dunn

June 12, 2009 permalink

Here is a letter in support of John Dunn's effort to get membership in his local children's aid society. It is from Donald J Lester, himself a former foster carer with inside knowledge of the operation of CAS.



June 9, 2009


Barbara Mackinnon
[ barbara.mackinnon at ]

This request delay is representative of the unaccountability and lack of transparence of CAS across the province. While such delays are contrary to the mandates of CASs, such actions only testify to the larger issues that are concealed from the public in the guise of, "good faith". What is divisive is that public dollars are being distributed through the province to what amounts to a Secret Society. While the government Ministry responsible for these agencies are failing to insure accountability, including insuring that said agencies are complying with the best interests of the child rather than said agencies serving their own need.

Over the past decade thousands of complaints and direct violations of the CFSA have been charged against many agencies in Ontario. These violations have never been addressed and government Ministry responsible have not only hidden behind a cloak making references that these issues are the responsibility of said agencies. Maintaining a total disregard of such complaints while at the same time divesting greater powers to said agencies who have built a billion dollar system from the public's purse, yet no accountable.

While children, fall through the cracks, die in the care of the system; where boards are supposed to be open to the public, yet are not. This should leave little doubt in anyone's mind that this system Bilaterally has undermined the rights of Ontario's population including their mandate to children. Such behavior at minimal dishonest and in some cases could be classified as illegal. Such represent a systematic dark side that amounts to cruel and unusual punishment for many families who have been usurped into this system. Considering that said agencies have bottomless pockets to defend their actions, while most of said issues that have been raised over the years are from poorest of the poor, including children.

While the many pray and hope for their issues to be addressed in and honest and up front manner, many know, including government ministry that these days of secret societies will come to an end, because the many will not cease in their peruse. There are many parallels to such abuse of power, the native schools, the Duplessis Orphans, Mount Cashel abuse, the list is exhaustive. But when one examines all of the present complaints within the present system one becomes paralyzed by the enormity of the darkness the envelops in the dark corners of " the best interest of the child".

The facts are that these children are the responsibility of the province and not toys of some secret society that remains unaccountable. This system is paramount to the present e-health, that has demonstrated a total disregard towards the public purse and the health of thousands of Ontarians, while the present CASs are defiling our most vulnerable children with the support of the provincial government.

Therefore meaningful change can only become a reality when openness and transparence become the order of the day. When governments accepts it's responsibility rather than hiding behind a dark vale that only enshrines greater injustices.

Donald J. Lester

Source email from Don [ donjlester at ]