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Michael Jackson R.I.P.

June 29, 2009 permalink

The death of Michael Jackson got John Dunn to opine on love for unwanted children. He grew up without affection himself and cannot fault Michael Jackson for extending love to children. When growing up in foster care, an adult trying to love you is one of your smallest problems. Press reports that Michael Jackson's wife Debbie Rowe bore two children without having sexual relations suggest not a sex fiend, but impotence. Maybe it's time to recognize that not all love for children is harmful to the child. A slightly edited version of John Dunn's comments is enclosed.



June 26, 2009

I was shocked when I heard about Michaels sudden death. The first cassette tape I ever got was Micheal Jackson's thriller. I got it from my best friend at the time, Dean Tapp. (1981-3?) I loved his music, and knew very little about him as a person. As I got older, and kept loving his music, I realized he had been abused by things I heard and read, right down to his own father calling him a dirty little "Nigger", beatings, and probably years of verbal and physical abuse, and now, I learned he was even whipped by his father.

As I grew older, I realized how dedicated to children Micheal was. About the whole sleeping with the kids, I am mixed on it. If it was all above board, clothed and not alone without other adults, maybe ok, but I really believe he was pure intentioned, wanted the kids to know they were loved etc.

I mean, in my whole life in foster care, I was never shown any affection that I can remember. No talks at night, no bed time stories, no hugging, nothing. My life was quite empty that way. So I think he was trying to show he loved the kids more than anything, regardless of their terminal and other illnesses. He was nothing more than a child himself. As the report I saw last night, a man trying at a second chance to be kid again.

Anyhow, an amazing person was lost, and I too am mourning the loss of this great person. A kind, caring, silly, odd, and giving man from soo many personal accounts of people who knew him. A boy, trapped in the body of a man.

Rest in Peace Michael and thank-you for your many decades of entertainment and emotional release through your powerful lyrics, music and videos.

Source: email to afterfostercare group