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Girl Abused

May 5, 2009 permalink

A Winnipeg father says his daughter was abused in foster care, and her custodian, Fisher River Child and Family Services, did nothing for a month while the abuse continued. Since there are no names in the story, there will be no follow-up.



Dad claims daughter abused in foster care

By DEAN PRITCHARD, SUN MEDIA, Last Updated: 5th May 2009, 6:33am

A Winnipeg man is suing the province, alleging his daughter was sexually abused in foster care weeks after he tried to have the girl removed from her foster home.

In a statement of claim filed in court last month, the man alleges he alerted an Intertribal Fisher River Child and Family Services worker in September 2008 that his 13-year-old daughter was possibly being sexually abused by her foster father and asked that she be removed from the home.

The father claims his daughter reported a foster child in the home had been touched "in a sexually inappropriate way" by her foster father. The girl's father, says the lawsuit, believed the girl was talking about herself.

The worker, says the lawsuit, "did nothing to remove (the girl) from the placement, and did nothing apart from requesting (the girl's father) obtain further information from her."

Did not interview girl

The worker did not interview the girl or explain why she would not remove the girl from the foster home, says the lawsuit.

"Examination would have disclosed to any reasonably trained observer ... that (the girl) was being sexually abused," says the lawsuit. "In not so acting, the (foster father) was enabled to perpetrate the sexual assaults of (the girl)."

The lawsuit alleges the girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted until Oct. 18, when she reported the abuse to her father. The man reported the allegation to Fisher River CFS, which then removed the girl from the foster home.

The girl is currently in the care of her biological father, said his lawyer Norm Rosenbaum.

A spokesperson for Fisher River Child and Family Services could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

Source: Winnipeg Sun