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Youth Isolated

April 24, 2009 permalink

John Dunn made contact with a youth in care who could benefit from an advocate. What did Prescott Russell Services for Children and Adults do in response? The youth's phone service was changed to block incoming calls, and the phone sets and power supplies were removed.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prescott Russell Foster Parent Unplugs Phones and Blocks Incoming Calls

The Council recently posted information regarding a youth in a foster home under the care of the Prescott Russell Services for Children and Adults who had the phone disconnected. The Council has recently communicated directly with the youth who provided us with the phone number of the foster home.

The Council called the number and heard a message from an operator which says "The number you are calling cannot receive incoming calls... this is a recording".

The youth also reported that the phones were physically removed from the home (unplugged and unable to locate them or the power supplies) meaning the previous report was not entirely accurate.

So the phone service is still activated, however the incoming calls are blocked. (preventing the Child and Youth Advocate from calling). This happened after the Advocate called shortly before the line was changed.

Since the report was made public on this News blog, and sent to the Prescott Russell Services for Children and Adults the agency allegedly sent a worker out to the foster home on Monday April 21st during the day while the youth was at school and did not contact the youth to discuss the matter.

The Council will contact the agency again to inform them of the fact that the incoming calls are blocked and that the youth has reported directly to us that the phones have been removed from the plugs and the power cords removed as well.

The Council has asked the youth to talk to the foster mother and ask her why the phones have been removed and why the incoming calls have been blocked. The youth will report to the Council to inform us of the foster mother's response or lack of response.

This will then be reported to the worker and the agency and the local press in order to try and bring attention to this matter.

The Council will also give guidance to the youth on how to use the complaints procedures available to the youth under Section 109 and Section 68 of the Child and Family Services Act.

Complaint Sections Provided Below

(for more, refer to the source page)

Source: afterfostercare blog (John Dunn) April 23, 2009

Addendum: Today John Dunn followed up with and email to board member Ginette Goulet. We have blotted out names and addresses, and concealed the sex of the youth.



Ginette Goulet
Board of Directors member
Prescott Russell Services for Children and Adults

Thank-you for your time this morning I appreciate that you were in the middle of opening your boutique when I called. Also, feel free to share this message with whom ever you require at the agency as it is not a private communication. Anyone at the agency is welcome to read it.

I am going to send you the relevant links to the matter I mentioned and hope that you would be able to learn more about what is transpiring in relation to this youth.

The Youth's name is █████ ██████
His/Her worker is Julie McGraw
Julie's Supervisor is Carol Granger
The Foster Mother is █████ ██████ of
██████, On
Phone: 613-███-████ (incoming calls have been blocked and █████ says phones are removed from his/her home and / or the phone power cords are missing)

This appears to be the foster mother's retaliation for the youth contacting the Child Advocate's Office. He/She appears to be getting punished for contacting the Child and Youth Advocate. This act goes against Section 18 of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act and against section 103 of the Child and Family Services Act (included below for reference).

A worker was allegedly sent to the home last Monday, after the agency received our notice of the issue, however the youth did not have an opportunity to speak with the worker or the foster mother about it as of yet.

I have already obtained a release of information waiver from the youth, signed by him/her and the agency has also received one, yet they refuse to contact me as the youth's personally chosen advocate.

The relevant link to the news blog can be found at by clicking on the News page.

I have included the relevant legislation below

Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act
Obligations of service providers

18. (1) An agency or service provider, as the case may be, shall inform a child in care, in language suitable to his or her understanding, of the existence and role of the Advocate, and of how the Advocate may be contacted. 2007, c. 9, s. 18 (1); 2009, c. 2, s. 31 (1).


(2) An agency or service provider, as the case may be, shall afford a child or youth who wishes to contact the Advocate with the means to do so privately and without delay. 2007, c. 9, s. 18 (2).


(3) Every agency or service provider, as the case may be, shall, without unreasonable delay, provide the Advocate with private access to children in care who wish to meet with the Advocate. 2009, c. 2, s. 31 (2).

Child and Family Services Act

Rights of communication, etc.

103. (1) A child in care has a right,

(a) to speak in private with, visit and receive visits from members of his or her family regularly, subject to subsection (2);

(b) to speak in private with and receive visits from,

(i) the child’s solicitor,

(ii) another person representing the child, including the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth,


John Dunn

Executive Director

The Foster Care Council of Canada

Source: email from John Dunn