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Humiliation and Hope for Lily

April 11, 2009 permalink

Senator/reporter Pam Roach tells more about Lily, the girl snatched from her grandparents at Christmas. The child protection juggernaut is rolling forward in its efforts to grab its latest prey. But at the last minute, a well-funded relative has come forward to save her. [ The girl was later named as Madison Willard. ]



Thursday, April 9, 2009

CPS Sec. Randy Hart....Never Sent The Exoneration Letter To Arrive Prior To Lily's Hearing As He Promised He Would

In reference to the retraction of CPS's false accusation regarding Lily's grandparents having stolen a computer which was actually given to them by another arm of this mega department

"I will send a letter of apology to the grandparents and send a copy to correct the records before the court." Randy Hart, Sec. Of Children's Administration on April 1, 2009

The letter was suppose to arrive before an April 9th court hearing. It needed to be at the court in time to have it entered. It was not. And, turns out there was not a lot of effort to get it there at all.

When it had not arrived by April 7th I called my friends at CPS. I figured Hart would not send the letter. "Fool me once...etc."

So, I called on Monday and was told the subordinate who was assigned the task was on vacation all last week. (How do you give an assignment to someone who isn't there anyway???)

And, get this...she was now on a two day, all expenses paid, annual CPS conference at the Seattle Convention Center. Not enough people there to carry out the commands of the director, I guess. How much time does it take to write a simple two paragraph letter in a timely manner. They have hundreds of people to do that!

One of my Senate colleagues also called about the letters. "They promised me, " said my colleague. "The letters will be hand delivered if necessary." OK.

Well, if they had wanted to be honest about the grandparents they would have done everything possible to correct this lie. They did not. They terried. They vacationed. They did not try at all actually.

If they were interested in being honest they would have told their lawyers from the Attorney General's office and had the information corrected. They really WANTED the false information before the commissioner. I mean...what other explaination can there be for this? These are adults not high schools kids late with a term paper.

You judge a person by what they do...not by what they say.

CPS does not want their own attorney to be made aware of the situation. To do that would be like calling off the dogs! (No derogatory thoughts here...just a euphemism.)

The department promised a letter of apology to the Lily's grandparents for lying about them having stolen a computer and a copy of the letter would be sent to the court commissioner for the hearing on Wed. They made the promise on April 1st (I know...quit laughing!). I called on Monday the 6th. No letters sent. They promised the letter would be there for the hearing on Wed. It was not there in time. There was a letter sent too late. Then there was a certified letter sent to the grandparents....too late to be considered at trial where the AG just blasted them...ala Stuth Case.

New developments...Another grandmother enters the picture. Turns out she is well heeled and will attorney up.


Posted by Pam Roach at 5:58 PM

Friday, April 10, 2009

Courtroom Drama Amounted To The AG Going After The Family With Both Guns Blazing


There was a terrible hearing in Skagit County. For days the AG's office faked strong interest in returning 3 year-old Lily to her meth troubled mother. The mother is doing well in counseling but Randy Hart told me last week that would not happen. (And, that I did believe.)

The 22 year-old mother was torn apart on the stand. She was faced with every bad thing she had ever done. She was crying during the whole thing. This is a mother that knows she has had issues...that is why she terminated her rights with the promise that her parents would raise Lily. The facts are what they are but it was a massacre.

The grandparents were blasted as well. The state intends to annihilate anyone that stands between Lily and the foster woman.

The department's AG has no intention of talking family reunification. That is not the goal. They argue for foster adoption even more vociferously than if they were the prosecution going for a murder conviction. That is because they are used to easy battles.

The "apology" letter arrives. 9/10ths bull and one tenth was half an apology. They apologised for having said the computer was stolen. They did not apologise that they had lied in court papers saying the grandparents had stolen it...or that they had wrongfully called the grandparents thieves.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Out Of Nowhere...Great-Grandma Arrives

What I like best about this woman is that she is livid angry at what is happening and has money for lawyers. Damn the torpedos! Full speed ahead! (This is my kind of grandma...a fighter who has fire power!)

Lily's father...was killed in a car accident. The paternal grandparents are "unable" to take Lily and she was being raised by the mother's parents.

But...there was yet another grandmother... a wealthy great-grandmother who loved and raised Lily's dad who has been out of the country. This is the father's grandmother and great-grandma to Lily. She is relatively young and she is hopping mad.

How could CPS steal Lily and move for a quick adoption? "What is going on here?"

This grandma is NOT HAPPY...and is Lawyering Up!!! Thank God!


Attorney General Rob McKenna called me today from his cell phone. I gave him that story. Yes, he will work on this come Monday. He knows our Grandma with the guns! He knows what happened with the Stuths.

Posted by Pam Roach at 12:08 AM

Source: Pam Roach blog for April 9-11, 2009

grandmother with firepower