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Lily Hides

April 14, 2009 permalink

When a driver shows up to take three-year-old Lily back to foster care, she expresses her opinion by voting with her feet. [ The girl was later identified as Madison Willard. ]



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lily Being Traumatised By CPS...Fear Is In Her Eyes...She Is Being Repeatedly Harmed By The State Of Washington

Lily hides from foster care Lily hides from foster care

(Here we see "Lily" trying to get away from the driver who will take her back to the foster woman. The look you see is fear. She is trying, frantically, to get away. She does not want to leave the grandparents she loves.)

It doesn't take a shrink to know when a child is traumatised. You know it when you see it.

The ages of 0 to 3 are the most formative in a child's life. The whole theory of nature vs nurture is one that supports the fact that trauma does affect the development of a child. Lily was pirated away from her grandparents at age 3 years. We know from her comments that she thinks it is her fault.

When it is time to leave her grandparents after her one hour visit she tries to escape the social worker! She screams! She kicks! She is horrified!

I can not adequately explain how harmful this is and it is at the hand of the state. And...they really don't care. Can you imagine such awful people?

At the last visit the driver and the social worker and the grandparents all recognized bruises on the little girl as being serious enough to warrant investigation.

Lily still has a rash that she did not have while with the grandparents. This is now persistent and may be caused by emotional stress, food allergy, or lack of personal cleanliness. I am going with state induced trauma. Remember, Lily was under monthly doctor's care while with the grandparents. She is pre-diabetic. She was fed organic foods and was very happy. She attended her college educated grandmother's preschool class.

No Lily cries as she is torn again and again from the family she was forced to leave after a quack of a social worker spent his time fabricating "stories" so he could justify stealing this child.

Posted by Pam Roach at 11:35 PM

Source: Pam Roach blog April 12, 2009