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I'll Be Watching You

April 23, 2009 permalink

Waterloo CAS continues to track Chris Carter in his efforts to draw public attention to the abuse of power by CAS. The latest court filing is accompanied by music from the Police (mp3). Send it to your music player or cancel when you click expand.



My name is (Ml legal name) Virginia Torrance

I work in (municipality & province) Cambridge, Ontario

and I swear/affirm that the following is true: Set out the statements of fact in consecutively numbered paragraphs. Where possible, each numbered paragraph should consist of one complete sentence and be limited to a particular statement of fact. If you learned a fact from someone else, you must give that person's name and state that you believe that fact to be true.

  1. I, Virginia Torrance, am Legal Counsel employed by the Children's Aid Society of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and as such have knowledge of the matters hereinafter set forth.
  2. I had been informed that Christopher Anthony Carter was recently served with a trespass notice regarding his attendance within the court building at 89 Main Street, Cambridge.
  3. On April 8th, 2009, I observed Christopher Carter standing outside the courthouse at 89 Main Street, Cambridge speaking with people on the street.
  4. On April 8th, 2009, a police court officer provided me with a copy of a "WRFU Newsletter Volume 1.1". I was informed by the officer, and believe, that this newsletter was being handed out by Christopher Carter. A true copy of the newsletter is attached and marked, as Exhibit "A". [link]
  5. On April 8th, 2009, I was informed by fax correspondence from Waterloo Region Housing, and believe, that they received a WRFU Newsletter (Exhibit "A") that morning. Waterloo Region Housing forwarded the newsletter received by them to the Society by fax.
  6. In the evening of April 13, 2009 I accessed tine website of "Dufferin Voices of Children Alliance (VOCA)", This website has earlier posted under the "News" section of the website the full text of two affidavits served by the Society on Mr. Carter in this ███████ application, less the court, court file number and title of proceeding. On both occasions (under news items dated March 15 and 27, 2009), the website has identified, in an accompanying brief news item the source of the affidavit material as "Chris Carter". Since that time,
    1. A news item dated April 3, 2009 titled "Thieves Monopolize Courthouse", has appeared on the website containing information apparently orginating from Christopher Carter, including a copy of a letter addressed to him from the Waterloo Regional Police. A true copy of the news item and linked letter (with apparent cartoon editorial comment from the website) is attached and marked as Exhibit "B"; and [link]
    2. In a brief news item dated April 8, 2009 the website posted a linked copy of the WRFU Newsletter (Exhibit "A"). [link]

Virginia Torrance
dated April 14, 2009

JANICE CATHERINE WEILER, a Commissioner for taking Oaths and Affidavits in and for the PROVINCE OF ONTARIO while in the employ of a Children's Aid Society approved under The Child and Family Services Act, and for work in connection with the Society only. EXPIRY DATE: November 15, 2011.