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April 19, 2009 permalink

When the Canadian government apologized for past stealing of native children, it implied a promise of reform. In breach of that promise, this month newborn Raven was removed from his mother's breast. Below is an edited version of the father's comments.



Apr 11, 2009 11:07 PM

The Children's Aid Society have just taken my new born son from the hospital who was born on April 5th. They inspected my home and approved and also made me do urinalysis test and I have not yet received the results but I do not use drugs or drink alcohol, I do not even smoke so I do know it will be clean. My home is very clean and I have gotten all the proper things to care for my son, like diapers, brand new crib, brand new stroller the list goes on. They came to the hospital the day his mother's milk came in and took him away. Now I tell you the mother does have a history of mental health issues but has been pro-active and is getting assistance in the community for addiction counseling and has the proper professional help within the community. I am a sober clean living Native American man and I follow my traditions and heritage with discipline.

Before the court hearing the lawyers tried to make our plans of making my sister the legal guardian fail and said that we had disagreed on the plan, which in reality was a farce. We were in 100% agreement so that eventually our son will not be in the care of the C.A.S. at all. So what happened was my son's mother spoke up not once but had to stand up two times in court and go against her legal aid lawyer and tell the judge that she was 100% in agreement with the plan. The judge was presented with 5 plans of action all suitable and structured for the care of my son Raven so that he has the best possible care he can get. The C.A.S. wanted to make a lengthy court battle off and on for months but because of my sons mother standing up in the court room two times the C.A.S. was NOT prepared for that and the judge shortened the length of the next court appearance by over a month.

On another note: In Sudbury Ontario the highest paid person in all of the city was the head of C.A.S. for 2008. What does that say? Children are big business and the C.A.S. are on top of the corporate corruption ladder.

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Thank you for reading.


If you are on facebook you can join my group against the Children's Aid Society.

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Source: AETV Children's Aid Society Corruption