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Cathy Norris

April 1, 2009 permalink

Cathy Norris got involved in an incident unrelated to child protection that resulted in police charging her with a crime. The police raided her home, seizing all her computer and video equipment. Since her passwords were stored on her computer, the police were able to delete her justiceseeker account from YouTube, containing all her child protection videos. Some of her video remains on our copy of her case. Cathy is subject to bail conditions forbidding possession of computer and video equipment. It looks like the police took the opportunity to act on an old grudge stemming from their embarrassment in Cathy's child protection case.

A story from the Brantford Expositor gives the case against Cathy — her side of the story no longer exists. It was in several deleted YouTube postings with video made by her son. The unnamed man in the story, characterized as "victim", is millionaire lawyer and real estate developer Howard Rotberg.

A lesson for readers with web postings: Don't keep your access passwords stored on your computer. Type them in every session. Even more important for bank passwords.



Brantford Expositor, Posted March 27, 2009


A city woman has been charged with extortion after police say a man was threatened with the public release of information unless he made a $15,000 payment.

Police said Thursday that a woman posed on the Internet as a 16-year-old girl and arranged to meet for sex with a man, whom she had dated. She watched the man show up for a date.

Later, the man was contacted and told to go to the woman's home, where he was told about the Internet ruse and asked for payment.

Charged with extortion is Cathleen Mary Norris, 49, of Brock Street.

Police declined further comment.

"We will not be releasing the name of the other person involved or any information that may identify the victim of this alleged extortion," said Insp. Kent Pottruff. "It would be inappropriate for me to comment or speculate on the direction of the investigation."

Source: Brantford Expositor