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Ministry Checking on CAS

March 4, 2009 permalink

John Dunn has found that the Ministry of Children and Youth Services is conducting an internal investigation of Ontario's children's aid societies. Little is known about it at this time.



Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ontario's Ministry of Children and Youth Services Initiates Quiet CAS Complaints Research Project Sending Surveys to CAS's on Complaints


The Foster Care Council of Canada (Council) has been told by a citizen of Ontario -- Chris Carter -- that the Ministry of Children and Youth Services has initiated some kind of research project into Children's Aid Society complaints as confirmed by a Ministry Regional Office Staff. (Name withheld for his or her protection from retaliation although we are keeping in touch to report if any retaliation does come down upon the staff member for revealing the information)

Upon receiving the information, John Dunn of the Council contacted Chris Shantz, Special Assistant to the Minister who when asked whether he was aware of any such project replied that he can't say whether or not any such project had been launched.

In response to a request for further clarification as to whether he has knowledge of any such project or if he is not allowed to say anything about it, his response was again, a restrained sounding "I can't say".

We will continue to look into this matter and ask any Ministry staff to contact us (with assurance of anonymity) with further details as to who initiated heads the research project, what it is titled, why it was initiated, when a report is due and what use the outcome of the project will be put to.

UPDATE 1: John Dunn has since confirmed with a CAS staff member that surveys were sent out to the CAS's regarding complaints and the staff member is going to ask the Ministry if a copy of the survey can be sent to John.

UPDATE 2: John Dunn has sent a letter for information to Ministry staff Chris Shantz (Special Assistant to the Minister) regarding the Surveys to CAS's. The letter is enclosed below.

Hi Chris,
Special Assistant to the Minister
Children and Youth Services
Toronto, Ontario

Chris Shantz,

I have been made aware of the fact that the Ministry has sent surveys around to the CAS's in Ontario seeking information regarding complaints. I wanted to ask the following questions regarding the Ministry of Children and Youth Services sending out surveys to CAS's regarding complaints.

  1. Can I obtain a copy of the survey which has been sent to CAS regarding complaints
  2. Could you tell me what the Ministry is researching in relation to these surveys or what are they being used for
  3. Do these surveys have anything to do with the review of the CFSA
  4. Do these surveys have anything to do with possible amendments to the regulations subordinate to section 68 of the CFSA
  5. What is the name or title of the research project in relation to the surveys as distributed to CAS's regarding complaints.

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Posted by afterfostercare at 10:33 PM

Source: Foster Care News (John Dunn)