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Parental Alienation Conference

March 13, 2009 permalink

A three day conference on parental alienation will take place in Toronto starting Friday March 27. Priced at $395, it is for professionals.

Parental alienation is a behavior in which a child is taught to fear or hate one of his parents. It appears mainly in divorce cases in which a bitter mother teaches her children to disrespect their father, but fathers and child protectors can do the same.

Some of the speakers earn a living on the wreckage left behind by the family destruction apparatus. Others from outside the family law system may suggest real reform.

The speakers are Pamela Richardson, Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D., J. Michael Bone, Ph.D., Jayne Major, Ph.D., Richard Sauber, Ph.D., Terence Campbell, Ph.D., ABPP, Dr. Douglas Darnell, Ph.D., Dr. Glenn Ross Caddy, Demosthenes Lorandos, J.D., Ph.D., Abraham Worenklein, Ph.D., Gene Colman - Gene C. Colman Family Law Center, Pamela Stuart-Mills Hoch, M.A., Bob Hoch, M.A., David L. Levy, J.D., Michael Gough - President - Internet Visitation, C. Gwendolyn Landolt - National Vice President - Real Women Of Canada, Dr. Marty McKay - Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, ABPP, Bob Finlay, M.A., R.M.F.T. and Brian Ludmer.