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Devon Sings

March 10, 2009 permalink

Devon is now on YouTube, where he gives his own full name, Devon Sweeney. Enclosed below is a devastating report on his medical condition. He will not have much of a life, even if cancer stays away. In case the video is dropped by YouTube, here is a local copy (flv).



Monday, March 09, 2009


I was surfing the World wide web today and came across a video on Youtube. I was talking to "D"s parents and they said that D is now on Youtube. Below I am quoting from what has happened to "D" from the beginning of chemo treatment until today. I posted the same phrases before January 26, 2009 and before the remission of D was announced. D is in remission now and only the Creator will heal his spirit and soul through Music and song and the beat of the drums of healing.

link to YouTube

The family has noticed a change in their child’s behavior from the beginning of the treatment to the last treatment. His health had worsened considerably since the last time in remission. He now has serious lung damage; liver and pancreas damage; he has been diagnosed with drop foot syndrome and must be fitted with braces on his legs to improve mobility and walking; he has decreased memory loss and fatigue, mental stability and capabilities at a preschool level and a very low immune system that can hurt him if he even gets a cold or runny nose. His hair has started to grow back but the headaches have returned. Because of the different medications forced upon him he now has glaucoma which the doctors have said will result in blindness.

Is this what cancer chemotherapy treatment has produced?

The Creator and the power of the Native drum beat will heal his soul.

The Children's Aid Society has not stolen his voice!!

We hear you "D", you are in our thoughts every day.

Posted by Advocate at 8:51 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog March 9, 2009