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Hamilton Protest

April 2, 2009 permalink

Protesters assembled yesterday outside of Hamilton Children's Aid.



Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Always a success

stop human rights violations

We stood in front of the Home Depot just across from the Hamilton Children's Aid Society on Arrowsmith Road and Centennial Road in the pouring rain. We waited for the sun to come out and we held signs, had Tim Horton's coffee and discussed the days events. People held signs and were glad to be together as a group. People stopped to talk with us and we met with parents and families destroyed and hurt by the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton. Everyone has a story and everyone's voice needs to be heard. We have to make Children's Aid Societies of this Province Accountable for their actions!! We had two visitors from Toronto and one from Brampton, Child Assist Services was there to lend their support, Mary, Ed and Swayze. The bull horn got some good use from Luke and we made our voices heard. We walked around Arrowsmith Road and Tim Hortons customers and Truckers in the neighborhood honked their horn in support of our actions. Way to go people our voices need to continue to be heard!!

As quoted by the organizer of the days events, Luke Armstrong:

"The protest was a success. Thank you to the people that could show up. We got the attention of the workers. :-) We also got support from passer's by and by customers of Tim Horton's. Thank you to all. Photo's may follow.

To those of you who didn't or couldn't make it. We will be having another protest at another CAS office. Details will follow when when available."

We are here for children and families affected by the Childrens Aid Society.

Thank you for your support!!

Posted by Advocate at 12:46 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog April 1, 2009