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Help Save a Child

April 29, 2009 permalink

Rob Ferguson and Kalena Mallon ask for help in saving their child from children's aid. You can show your support by going to the courthouse in Brantford next Tuesday.




To; All Interested

We are coming to you today as a father and mother of a child stolen by CAS. Over the past ten months we have received massive support from members of provincial parliament and members of the public. The case has been adjourned time and time again. We are now entering the final stages of the case and such we are asking for your support on May 5 2009. On this date Brant CAS will move forward in their attempt to place our son up for crown ward. The hearing will take place at 44 Queen st in Brantford at 3pm. We are asking for your support by rallying outside the court house. We are hoping for the rally to start at 2 and go 4pm. We would like this to go to trial so we can prove ourselves and that CAS is not being truthful. We are hoping people affected by CAS not just parents can come and support us. We believe we are all in this together and such plead with anyone who reads this will consider coming out to fight not only for us but for all families affected by the CFSA and CAS Once again the the specs are as follows.

Where: 44 Queen Street, Brantford
When: May 5 2009 Time: 2pm to 4 pm

Thanks rob and Kalena

Contact for more information

Source: email from Rob Ferguson