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Father Stonewalled

February 11, 2009 permalink

Father Chris Carter has made many requests by mail for information from children's aid, nearly all ignored. He followed up with some formal Form 20: Request for Information forms. Below is his account of the CAS (non-) response. RMW is Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Here is a copy of one denial letter (pdf).



I served the CAS of the Region of Waterloo with some Form 20: Request for Information documents. I was forced to utilize this Form as the CAS Waterloo Region almost never answered or even acknowledged the countless letters I had submitted to them, asking for info.

Very briefly and as one example; I have served seven of these Form 20: Request for Information forms on the CAS RMW over the last couple of weeks January 2009. Check out those forms online and it'll help explain the forms effectiveness.

On one of the Form 20: Request for Information forms I made the following request:

A full and complete copy of the "research project" referred to in the Children’s Aid Society of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo (hereinafter referred to as the CAS RMW) 2002-2003 Annual Report. The CAS RMW is geographically subgrouped into the "Central-West Region" by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. This research project was conducted in partnership with the other four CASs of the Central-West Region and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The purposes of this "research project" was to identify the reasons which resulted in the CAS RMW experiencing "higher volumes of litigation than any of the five Children’s Aid Societies in Central-West Region."

The CAS RMW responded with a Motion which included the following:

1. An order quashing and declaring of no force and effect pursuant to Rules 2 and 20(3) each of the four Requests for Information dated January 5, 2009 served upon the Applicant Society by the Respondent Christopher Carter or, in the alternative, providing directions with respect to the extent and manner of compliance with respect to such Request(s).

In this motion’s supporting Affidavit, CAS RMW legal counsel Kim Putman took the following position in the Affidavits final paragraph:

9. I make this affidavit on the basis that the information sought by the Respondent Christopher Carter is not relevant to the matters at issue in this xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx and that the Requests for Information as served are unreasonable and an abuse of the court process.

One of the most significant aspects of the CAS WR attack on us has been their enlistment of a psychiatrist from Guelph Ontario. This psychiatrist has, according to CAS worker testimony, made perhaps as much as $100,000.00 (or even more) via doing Parenting Capacity Assessments (PCA) for them in the last five years alone. He was enlisted to do a PCA re: us and he ‘crucified’ me in his Assessment. Shame on me for agreeing to participate in the Assessment in good faith. I was naïve. The psychiatrist-assessor didn’t even bother with the pretense of impartiality throughout the process including during my cross-examination of him during the trial. He was openly aggressive towards me during the trial. Fortunately for him an ‘establishmentarian’ judge by the name of Madam ‘Paddy’ Hardman was adjudicating so nothing was done about his breach of the PCA protocol/process which establishes that the PCA assessor must remain impartial and objective.

Anyway, I served some of those Form 20: Request for Information on the psychiatrist in Jan. 2009 as well. In the Requests I asked for an Affidavit from him which would include “a full, complete and detailed accounting of any and all compensation and/or payment of any kind paid to the psychiatrist George Glumac by any CAS ever.” On Jan. 29, 2009 I received a letter from a lawyer named Lisa Bonin telling me that psychiatrist Glumac would not be responding to my Form 20: Requests for Information and that it was inappropriate for me to have served him with the Forms. Ms. Bonin works for the law firm McCarthy-Tétrault. Reportedly they are the largest law firm in Canada. She specializes in “malpractice civil litigation.” McCarthy-Tétrault is the law firm that represented the disgraced pediatric forensic pathologist ‘Dr.’ Charles Smith in the Goudge Inquiry. The Affidavit they did for him is accessible on the Internet, it contained 1036 paragraphs.

I’ll be pursuing both the CAS’s and Glumac’s response via Motion in the coming days/weeks.

Source: email from Chris Carter

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