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Don't Take Gifts from Strangers (or CPS)

February 18, 2009 permalink

Senator Pam Roach reports on a new family, grandparents tricked into taking a little girl on a one-way trip to a CPS office. [ In May the girl was named as Madison Willard. ]



Senator Roach Has Long Talk With CPS High-up And New Case Introduced

It was a conversation that lasted an hour and a half last Friday evening.

Lots was validated. The department knew that the judge in the Stuth case had not been informed of the emergency removal of little "Lisa" from the foster woman just the night before they argued for placement with the foster woman.

The department has no care what-so-ever that they get their facts wrong in these cases or that they withhold information from the judge. It makes them move faster to take the child. They want to steal a child faster!

Such is a new case of which I have been made aware. CPS lured a grandmother and 3 year-old to their offices...promising Christmas presents for the child... and a routine evaluation for the grandmother in the process of adoption.

The child was escorted down the hall for her gifts. The grandmother was escorted into a room where she was informed she would never see her granddaughter again!

The grandparents did get to see their little granddaughter (who had been promised would be theirs by the mother's wishes and the state). On two Fridays for 45 minutes they were allowed to see her. At the parting their "Lisa" screamed and kicked and was absolutely hysterical at being pulled away from her "parents." Aren't you all proud of the work CPS is doing? What kind of harm are they doing to this child?!

The state is moving very quickly. Last week there was a hearing to which the grandparents were not invited. They found out about it one day prior through a friend. They were not even informed!!! The state's plan is to have someone else's 3 year-old placed, permanently, within 3 weeks!

What is wrong with the grandparents?

  1. The state says they stole a computer from Swedish Hospital.

    The computer was surplussed along with 100 others and given away. (They have the receipt.)

  2. They don't make enough money.

    She is a pre-school teacher and the grandfather works at the school district as support staff.

  3. Third sin? Their daughter has been on drugs.

    Yes, that is true. And, she would not have the child. The child has been with the grandparents for 3 years. Besides, the fact is that she has been clean and sober with counseling.

"Families First" in WA State? I don't think so.

Posted by Pam Roach at 7:47 AM

Source: Pam Roach blog February 17, 2009