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Pre-natal Baby Stealing

January 10, 2009 permalink

Pre-natal health in Hastings could soon be dropping, for the same reason parents fear taking their injured children to Ontario's hospitals. The Hastings Children's Aid Society, the subject of an unusually large number of complaints in the past year, is launching a new Helping Hands initiative for pre-natal care of high-risk families. If not enough gullible mothers participate, past practice suggests the police will be rounding them up for referral to children's aid.



CAS program to aid 'high-risk' families with newborns

Posted By HENRY BURY, THE INTELLIGENCER, Posted January 9, 2009

The Hastings Children's Aid Society is getting a helping hand from the Quinte Children's Foundation to help high-risk families welcome new babies into their lives.

Executive director Len Kennedy told directors Thursday evening the children's foundation is providing the CAS with $44,000 to help it launch its new Helping Hands initiative later this month.

"Our initiative will provide instrumental supports and linkages to lower income, high-risk families pre-natally and post-natally," he said.

Kennedy said the one-year pilot project will have a start-date of mid-January and will work collaboratively with such programs as Healthy Babies and Healthy Children and Babies and Beyond.

The emphasis of the program is to provide education, informal and formal support networks and problem- solving strategies.

Kennedy said Helping Hands is not one of the agency's core programs "but is more of a preventative service for high-risk families."

Peter Knudsen, children's foundation chairman, said his organization initially agreed to donate $30,000 to Helping Hands but decided to commit another $14,000 this year to ensure the financial success of the program.

"Prospects for these additional funds have been identified and we are confident that these funds will be forthcoming over the 2009 calendar year," Knudsen said in his report to the CAS board.

Knudsen said the foundation is also committed to reviewing funding on an annual basis "provided the program shows real success for the new mothers concerned."

"We are very pleased to have this program starting in January and commend the children's aid society for this initiative."

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

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